Eid Al Adha 2020 - The Festival of Sacrifice

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Eid Al Adha 2020 - The Festival of Sacrifice

Eid Al Adha, also known as the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ or Bakr Id is a Muslim religious festival which is celebrated in honour of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of submission to Allah. On this day, Muslims sacrifice lambs, cows, sheep and camels as a symbol of Ibrahim’s devotion to God.  This year, Eid-Al-Adha will begin in the evening of 11th August (Sunday) and will go on for four days till 15th August (Thursday). According to the lunar-based Islamic calendar, this festival falls on the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the twelfth month and lasts for four days.


Story behind Eid Al Adha

This festival commemorates Ibrahim’s act of sacrificing his son. Ibrahim was instructed by Allah in a dream to raise the foundations of Kaaba which is the sacred shrine in Mecca. Following Allah’s orders, Ibrahim left for Mecca along with his wife and son. In a dream, he saw that he had sacrificed his son, Ishmael for Allah. When Ibrahim narrated this to Ishmael, he asked his father to do the needful and was willing to sacrifice his life for Allah’s sake. But just when Ibrahim was about to sacrifice Ishmael, Allah spared his life and replaced him with a lamb, which Ibrahim eventually sacrificed.


Eid celebrations

People offer morning prayers, dress up in their best clothes, visit their friends and family and then the exchange of food and gifts takes place. They sacrifice an animal of their choice and distribute the meat among their friends, neighbours and the poor.

It is said that the meat of the animal should be divided in three equal parts among family members, friends or neighbours and poor people. Those families, who do not have animals to sacrifice, donate money to charities and those charities provide meat for the poor and needy. 


Astroyogi wishes everyone Eid Mubarak!