Donald Trump: Horoscope Analysis By Astroyogi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Donald Trump: Horoscope Analysis By Astroyogi

Although he can’t be called the smartest man on the planet, when it comes to socially and politically consequential decisions, however, Donald John Trump rose from bankruptcy, several times, before placing himself on the throne of the apex authority in international politics. For this, an example of utmost wittiness, inventiveness and ingenuity, can be bestowed upon Honorable Mr. Donald Trump, The 45th and current President of the United States of America.


A great display of Gemini traits seems apparent whenever the topic of Mr. Trump is subjected to debate, in the above-mentioned examples, among others. In fact, his Gemini trait is much evident from his demeanor, the decisions he takes and his acts. Donald Trump was born on 14th June 1946. This Gemini isn’t just limited to being charming, original and fascinating. Our expert astrologers could reveal a lot about your destiny and personality. Consult these experts online from the comfort and privacy of your home.


Being an epitome of international authority, several executive orders passed by Mr. Trump, shows complete ignorance of the proletariat of the American society, tilting the Gemini scales towards a restless mind. A Gemini by heart, Mr. Trump sometimes surprises pleasantly and sometimes shocks the citizens through his orders, showing his ‘two-facedness’.


On one hand, he has supported bailouts of financial institutions on the verge of bankruptcy on taxpayer’s money, and weakened ‘Obama care’ policies, while increasing military spending, which are on their zenith, now, all of which have punched a dent into American treasury. On the other hand, he has given superfluous power to the citizens, by opposing any amendment in the laws pertaining to possession of arms by handicapped, and a sense of superiority by proposing to build the US-Mexico Wall.


Further, as a Gemini would, he is judgmental to his core, and has spearheaded the fight to place the Americans in a race to strengthen prejudice and stereotypes into the society. Further, as someone who despises any authority above him, he has repealed multitudes of decisions taken by a more socialist Obama Cabinet, and placed the Americans in a depressed state, as a Gemini himself would have been.


Therefore, it is not quite surprising that Mr. Trump has come out as a flag-bearer of how the said Zodiac should be, and despite all odds that run against his favor, in being the most outspoken, yet abhorred, brash, yet admirable character that the U.S., as well as world politics has faced yet. But for his cabinet, thus, his Presidency sees bleak and dark future, and his adventurous nature has not provided him any cushion against his inevitable fall, which does not seem too distant, if his foreign as well as internal policies remain as it is.


Mr. Donald Trump does not consider anyone a worthy adversary, and his high-handedness and arrogance, being his inherent qualities, has seen a lot of criticism come his way. But being a good communicator, and debater, he has surprisingly defended his policies which create unwarranted and undeserved sense of fear among the Americans, wherein, he has repealed all laws which gave any equality to foreigners.


Thus, it would be advisable for the President of United States to take steps which are more thought of, deliberated, and do not emanate as a momentary reaction to an insignificant stimulus. And, being a Gemini, it would do him well to take much advice of the wise and intellectually empowered cabinet.