Deepika and Ranveer`s Chemistry

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Deepika and Ranveer`s Chemistry

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's sizzling chemistry, both on-screen and off-screen has grabbed eyeballs and it's hard to deny they do make a good pair.  Though they have never admitted to being in a relationship, rumour has it that Deepika and Ranveer have been spotted getting intimate in a number of occasions - not just for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Ram-Leela'. Astrologically, Deepika is a Capricorn woman and Ranveer is a Cancer man. Her date of birth is January 5, 1986 and he was born on July 6, 1985. So, will it work or won't it? Let's find out what astrologers at have to say about this young B'town couple.

Deepika is a Capricorn woman and cappy women are known for being practical and down to earth. They rarely play the role of damsel in distress. They like to present themselves as self-assured and confident people and will never let anyone take them for granted, beyond a reasonable point. Capricorn may make sacrifices for the sake of love, but she knows where to draw the line and put a stop to a relationship that's going nowhere. This was evident when Deepika was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, which didn't end so well. With Cancer, the Capricorn woman can walk down memory lanes and share a very passionate relationship. At times, the moments spent can seem surreal. Cancer often relives these moments and looks back, Capricorn doesn't. They both like to keep their true feelings to themselves and express themselves in a restrained manner. But, deep down, they are both aware of the need to connect and share. They share a deep bond with their family and are very protective about those who are close to them. This is a trait common to both Cancer and Capricorn.

The Cancer man may seem selfless on the surface and when you meet him initially, but as you get to know him a little better, you will find someone who constantly wants approval and appreciation. There are times when he seems cranky for no apparent reason. These mood swings may be a little too much for the Capricorn woman to deal with. He likes it when a partner is devoted to his needs, but when it comes to giving back, Cancer may be clueless about how to act sensitively in an emotional matter.

Deepika and Ranveer as a pair will find much in common and the fact that Ranveer will go out of his way to shower Deepika with praises and generous remarks will work in their favour. Deepika will be shy, as lessons learnt from past relationships will keep her on alert mode and she will be careful about what she shares with the public. Though she wouldn't hide her feelings, she will be uncomfortable about prying questions with regard to her love life. They are both home lovers and this will help them form a deep connection. For this romance to work, it will be important to develop an understanding of their unique personality traits and differences.  Astrologically, Ranveer and Deepika form a good match and they will find common ground, if they decide to commit to each other.