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Saturday, October 19, 2019

No marriage or couple is perfect. It takes work and effort from both partners to make a relationship last. It can’t always be smooth sailing, but for those of you who want to work on it, any issue or problem that comes your way can easily be resolved. 

All troubles do not have to end up in break-ups or divorce. Challenges, when handled properly, will help your relationship grow, and could even bring you and your partner closer. 


When facing issues in your marriage, you may try talking to your friends, seeking couples counseling, or you may even try to avoid the problem and your partner altogether. But these aren’t long-term solutions if you want your marriage to work. 


This is when you should consult an astrologer! A reliable astrologer can help you identify the causes behind your problems, help you understand where the two of you do not see eye to eye and resolve the problems in your marriage. And here is how- 


The astrologer will analyze your birth charts individually, and then match them. Several aspects are analysed; for instance, the traditional values that you and your partner hold can be seen from your 2nd House. 


In their natural zodiacs, the 2nd House and the 7th House are ruled by the planet, Venus. Often issues in marriage arise when your values don’t match with your partner’s, and by analyzing these Houses, the astrologer can compare your Sanskaars (values). 


Since Venus rules these two Houses, getting an in-depth analysis of the planet’s placement in both your birth charts can also be valuable. The most important dimensions in one’s life, happiness, and marriage are signified by Venus. Its position, conjunctions, closeness to the Sun and its afflictions are all extremely important. 


To get a personalized analysis of your marriage, consult our expert astrologers. 


Venus is a natural benefic planet and represents attraction, beauty, glamour, looks, style, fashion, and all that is trendsetting and worthy of showcasing. It holds a lot of significance and influence over your happiness, comfort and marital bliss. 

On the other hand, the Moon also plays an important role along with Venus. The Moon signifies happiness and comfort in relationships, along with wealth, prosperity, and materialistic comforts.  


While Venus helps us to expresses our emotions, these emotions are signified by the Moon. Hence, both these planets have a lot of influence over your marital life. 


When Venus is exalted, it can give contentment in life. It can make the native very confident and charismatic. But on the other hand, a debilitated and afflicted Venus will bring a lot of dissatisfaction and confusion in your relationships.


Apart from the 2nd and 7th Houses, analysis of your 4th House can also be significant. The 4th House signifies home, family, sense of belonging, emotional security, your role in the family dynamics, and your emotional bonding with your partner.


The Houses and the positions of the planets in your Houses can play a significant role in your marriage, and how you and your partner handle challenges in your relationship. 

Whether you both are fighting about a disagreement, or are facing financial problems, or are facing troubles due to poor communication, with the help of an astrologer, you can directly understand the cause of the problem, and then resolve it accordingly. 


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