Changing Power Equations In Today’s Relationships

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Changing Power Equations In Today’s Relationships

The trend of only fathers working for the family, gave way to both parents working,(owing to the rising expenses); which in due course of time, changed the  family dynamics completely, allowing the woman to be the bread winner and the man, a homemaker.

Today, a woman is as risk-taking as a man and we see the fairer gender in every walk of life, rubbing shoulder with their male counterparts. Masculine skills such as gambling, skydiving, going into space, politics, car racing, golf and many more, which were earlier seen as a macho tendency of daring, today, has women contenders, too. It is not uncommon to find women in every niche that was earlier occupied by men.

With the breaking of the gender stereotype and feminism gaining momentum, women have stepped out of their kitchens to prove they are at par with men, if not better. Although gender inequality in pay and work load still exists in many work places, at least women have been allowed to compete with the male counterparts in male-dominated industries and occupations. The result is that, many women are proving to be better employees, entrepreneurs, businesspeople etc as compared to men. While most women have stepped out of their homes to fulfil the economic necessities, many others have a chance to pursue their interests and careers.

This changing dynamics not only applies to women, but also to man. The gender cross over in jobs came into vogue by the end of the ’80’s. So, we now have men in the hitherto women occupied métier of cooking, stitching, designing, parlour work, pre-school teachers and even in the ‘oldest profession’ of the sex industry.

Man has slowly realised that he can pass on that title of ‘bread winner’ to his better half. A wife can earn enough to run the family on her own. But that required her husband to step into her shoes. Many husbands have willingly and proudly agreed to look after the family and the daily household chores. Some do it grudgingly when they cannot cope with the pressures of an office job and many end up becoming ‘free loaders’, much to their spouses chagrin. However successful a woman may get, she somehow tends to remain the primary caregiver in our society. And so, inspite of the cooperation she may receive from her husband, a working woman invariably struggles to balance work and family life, specially while her children are growing up.

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Studies have shown that while working women enjoy their status and independence, they expect their husbands to cooperate and be more understanding of them - whether they are ‘house husbands’ or working ones. When both the couple are working, the woman expects the man to divide the workload of the house too. And if the male chauvinism comes into play here, relationships start getting adversely effected.

Thus, before entering into a long term relationship, it is important for the couple to check out their compatibility, with emphasis to the understanding between them. If their personalities do not clash, they will both be encouraging and supportive of each other’s interests and needs. This will ensure a happy married life.