Chandra Grahan on 5th July 2020 and Its Impact on Your Sign

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Chandra Grahan on 5th July 2020 and Its Impact on Your Sign

On the 5th of July 2020, parts of the world will witness Chandra Grahan or the Moon Eclipse. This will be the third lunar eclipse occurring in the year 2020. According to Hindu mythology, the Rahu/North-node and Ketu/South-node are responsible for this eclipse.


A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon in such a way that it blocks the sun’s light from falling on the moon. This eclipse is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse as the Sun, Earth and Moon are not perfectly aligned, so a shadow causes a subtle dimming of the lunar space.

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For the Indian Standard Time zone, this Penumbral Eclipse will start on 5th July 2020 at 8.37 AM and reach its maximum at 9.59 AM and end at 11.22 AM. (Please look up the corresponding local timings for your location.)


The regions that will witness the Penumbral Eclipse on 5th July 2020 are most of Africa, most of North America, South/West Europe, South America, Pacific Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica. People residing in these areas should follow all the precautions advised during the eclipse.


What You Should Do During The Chandra Grahan ( Lunar Eclipse)

1.     According to Hindu mythology, the chanting of mantras greatly reduces the ill-effects expected during an eclipse. For best results, you should chant the Guru Mantra Jaap. This is a Chandra grahan, so chanting the Lord Shiva jaaps would proffer the best results – Om Namah Shivay and/or Om Hrum Jum Sah or the complete Mahamrityunjai Mantra.

2.    Remember that the puja mandir should remain closed for the duration of the eclipse. Absolutely do not touch the idols. In fact, you should isolate the temple area during the eclipse. Wash the idols in Ganga water once the eclipse ends.

3.    Add basil leaves (tulsi) to stored food items in the refrigerator and to the water storage containers.

4.    Donate any quantity of grains, fruits, sweets etc in the name of your ancestors on the day of the eclipse. Make sure this is given to a pandit or a poor person as soon as possible. You may even donate any of these items in a temple.

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Precautions During The Eclipse

Do take the precautions mentioned below if you are located in any of the areas where the impact of the 5th July lunar eclipse will be visible.


  • Do not bathe or sleep during the eclipse.
  • Avoid eating during the eclipse.
  • Avoid using a knife, needle or scissors during the eclipse.
  • Pregnant women should stay indoors during the eclipse and chant the Santan Gopal Mantra or Vishnu Stotra or simply Om Namah Shivay. Pray to Maa Parvati for the protection of the baby in the womb.


However, it is recommended by way of abundant caution, that irrespective of where you are in the world, you must not take a bath during the eclipse timings. Donation of food grains is desirable. Lastly, pregnant women should remain indoors throughout the eclipse timings as per their time zone.


The 5th July lunar eclipse will not impact any part of India. But since the eclipse is occurring on some parts of the globe, it will certainly impact the mental state of all throughout the world, as Moon is the kaarak of the mind. A heightened impact of the eclipse will be experienced for 15 whole days after the passing of the eclipse, i.e. up to 20th July 2020.


Discomfort and stress can be expected in thoughts and relationships, so it is advisable to exercise patience. Those in relationships should be careful not to escalate disagreements during this period. You may not be able to fix back a relationship that breaks during the lunar eclipse. In fact, those already facing issues in their relationships should not attempt to resolve their differences before the extended eclipse-impacted period is over. Do not take any decisions in a hurry. 


Pray to Lord Shiva, the ultimate God, to bless you.

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Impact of the Chandra Grahan 2020 (Moon Eclipse 2020)


This eclipse will not impact Aries much, one way or the other. Do take care of family and property matters during this time. Avoid confusions. Work efficiently by prioritizing your tasks. Worship Lord Shiva with shami and gud. Donate rice.



This eclipse is not good for Taurus, overall. Take decisions wisely. Drive safely. Worship Maa Parvati. Donate rice, sugar and curd.



The period of the eclipse will bring upheavals in the partnerships and relationships of Gemini. There will be work-related delays, so be patient. Worship Lord Shiva with the shami leaves if possible. Donate green leafy vegetables and green moong whole.



This eclipse is expected to have an average impact on Cancer. Do take decisions wisely. Avoid any kind of debt. Pay attention to your health and drive carefully. Be wary of enemies. Worship Lord Shiva with milk abhishek. Donate milk and milk related products.



The eclipse may adversely affect education and relationships for Leo. Do not plan for progeny in the next 21 days. Do not get provoked by the words or actions of others; exercise patience. Invoke the blessings of an elder, your father or a guru.  Worship Lord Shiva with honey.



For Virgo, this eclipse may impact the family, especially the mother. Take care of her health. Worship Lord Shiva with panchamrit. Donate green leafy vegetables and green moong whole with some money.



This eclipse may result in spoilt relationships with siblings, so be careful. Exercise patience in the interest of long term family bonding and support. Avoid fights and arguments. This is not the time for unnecessary bravado. Worship Goddess Durga and Maa Parvati along with Goddess Laxmi. Donate rice, sugar and milk. You may also donate kheer or rice pudding.



Scorpo, be mindful of the well-being of your family during this time. Be cautious with money and bank work. Take the blessings of your elders in the family. Worship Lord Shiva with white sweets. Donate milk and rice in the form of kheer,if possible.



This eclipse will have the most impact on Sagittarius. Work on yourself to control your thoughts and emotions. Avoid arguments and conflicts. Do follow the spiritual path for self-enlightenment. Worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Donate milk and yellow items. Take the blessings of your elders, priest or guru, especially on 5th July.



The eclipse may cause increased expenditure and losses for Capricorn, so pay close attention to deals that you close during this period. You may be driven to taking loans, which should be avoided, especially on Tuesdays. Worship Lord Shiva. Donate mustard oil, iron metal and black urad. Recite the Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra.



This eclipse augurs well for Aquarius and you will see profits. But you must stay alert in professional and personal matters. Worship Lord Shiva and offer any milk product mixed with honey, i.e. kheer with little honey, or curd/milk with honey. Donate mustard oil, iron metal and black urad. Recite the Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra.



The eclipse may cause ups and downs at work, so it is advisable not to take any major decisions related to profession in the next 15 days. Deal with the situation patiently and do not enter into unnecessary arguments. Worship Lord Shiva and offer sweets. Donate milk, mishri and saunf.


Instructions for the Eclipse

Guru Purnima also falls on 5th July 2020, so one of the foremost remedies to mitigate the ill-effects of the eclipse would be to pay your respects to your spiritual guru by offering clothes, grains, sweets, fruits, money, gold or silver. Receiving your guru’s blessings is the best thing that can happen at this time. Do try and engage in conversation with your guru for some time. If that is not possible, spend some time offering seva to your guru.

This should help to reduce the impact of the disturbances to the mind, which are expected during a Moon eclipse.


Worship Lord Shiva and Chandradev during this period. Perform Shivaling abhishek (not in the eclipse period, but otherwise) which will help to balance the eclipse-related ups and downs.



Remember that even adverse impacts are not permanent. We can guide you as per the charts and current transit impact/dasas. The precautions and remedies mentioned in the article are sure to help you handle the eclipse in the best way possible. Be patient throughout the eclipse, and for 15 days post the eclipse. Make sure you don’t take any wrong decisions – in fact, avoid decision-making activities during this period.


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Jyotishacharya Amrita

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