Career Prospects in 2012

Thu, Apr 10, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Apr 10, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Career Prospects in 2012

Education, career, or job – what concerns you? When did you finish your education and find yourself sitting in the office staring at the computer screen working for a company or running your business? These three aspects are very important because one leads to another for the formation of a perfect life and if you lose any string, your hard work may not pay as per your expectations. Let's see what 2012 brings for your education, career and job.

Aries- Teamwork will help you complete your projects on time. Avoid any delays and negligence in your work. Your career will get a big boost when a pending business deal gets finalised. Sales and marketing professionals will have a very good time in 2012 as you will meet your month`s target in advance. This time you need to work at maintaining order at your workplace.

Taurus- Your chances of getting a promotion are quite high. In 2012, media professionals are likely to get some challenging assignments at work. Challenges that you face this time will bring out the best in you. Good work opportunities are indicated for graphic and web designers. You are at your creative best and impress others with your unique designs.

Gemini- You will feel quite lucky about the opportunities that you get. Your business will be progressing at a speed that you will be satisfied with. You can also expect to be sent overseas for an important assignment. Everyone at work will appreciate the pace at which you get your work done. Use the assistance of your seniors to sort out some tricky problems at work

Cancer- Your ideas are appreciated and you make a good impression on your seniors and colleagues alike. Teamwork will help you achieve much better results and also achieve your goals on time. Collective effort of your team members will help you achieve targets and enhance career prospects as well. Work will progress smoothly and you will be able to complete some important projects.

Leo- Those of you who are working under pressure will perform well and live up to expectations. Your career front will benefit as you take some very good decisions. You manage to get some important projects for your company. Meetings are likely to progress smoothly and your negotiation skills will be impressive. You must plan your work and get good results.

Virgo- Challenges that you face this time will bring out the best in you. Good work opportunities are indicated for graphic and web designers. You are at your creative best and impress others with your unique designs. Make sure you meet all your deadlines. It`s time to get busy wrapping up agreements and expanding your reach in the marketplace.

Libra- Some of you may have to face some disappointments. All your efforts may not bear fruit. Additional work is likely to be piled up during this time. Designers in particular will have to sweat it out and finish off your given tasks. Overseas offers are indicated. Do grab them by all means, as it will give you better monetary profits not only now but also in future.

Scorpio- During this time you will make progress at work through sheer determination and team member support. This period will be excellent for those of you who are in the field of publishing and creative writing as you get a lot of new employment opportunities being offered to you. In 2012, you will not only reap the awards of all the hard work you have put in for the past few months but you will also get due recognition from all quarters.

Sagittarius- Make sure that you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and show your best at work. However, to be a consistent performer you need to work on your technical skills too. Keep your confidence high and you will not be far away from success. New hopes and aspirations arise in business as you recruit enthusiastic people in direct marketing. You impress your seniors with your hard work and achieve set targets. Success is also on the cards for people aspiring to join an interior-designing course.

Capricorn- The year 2012 begins on a perfect note and you find your ruling planet Venus favoring you thoroughly. Your love for luxury and practical nature will help you carve a niche for yourself in the field of finance, cosmetics or IT. This year, ensure that you look very carefully at how your decisions will impact those close to you before you jump for the kill. You will only benefit if you were to work harmoniously with others.

Aquarius- In 2012 you will have a much more positive attitude, thanks to Jupiter and will be in a position to make the most of any opportunities that come your way. There are less chances of your getting distracted or losing sight of your goals, which will help you get your priorities right and achieve success in your professional endeavours. Those of you who are unemployed will get more opportunities than usual to appear in interviews and try for the position of your choice, between July and November.

Pisces- This is a year when some of your career goals and dreams are surely going to be true. You have so far taken the right decisions and made the right choices. Your career reflects that! You make more efforts in the year 2012 to make things even better. Some of you will however, need to take criticism on your stride. Get a hold on your emotions without losing your determination to achieve your goals.


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