Career Analysis For The Month of May 2017

Career is one the most important aspect of life which determines one’s lifestyle and overall happiness.  In Vedic astrology, there are four trikonas (triangles) made up of houses in the birth chart which pertain to a particular aspect of one’s life: Dharm (Religion), aarth (finance), kaam (marital relationship) and Moksha (liberation).  While doing career analysis an expert astrologer would read planetary placement and transit of planets in finance houses. Aarth trikon is made by 2nd, 6th and 10th house. On 3rd May, the significator of business, communication and networking- Mercury is going to become direct in Aries sign. On 16th May, it will enter in Taurus sign. Mercury is a significant planet for professionals like CA networking, media, communication, finance, trading and distribution, textile and astrology professionals.

Aries – Communication with your seniors and team members will increase, which will bring in positive results in work front. Don’t be overwhelmed with little success, keep your emotions in balance.  Business will increase and you will not be having any shortage of funds, however, trouble with government formalities and procedures are on the cards.

Taurus – Venus the lord of Taurus sign is placed in its exaltation sign Pisces. A favorable placement of Venus will be benevolent for you. You can join a new project or start working on a much anticipated projects around 16th May. Export business or media business will enjoy a lucky tenure.

Gemini –   If there have been much of turbulence and chaos in your life lately then Things will start coming back to normal routine. Official travel can increase after 16th May. Keep yourself away from office gossip and politics as it can put you in trouble. Business people still need be precautious and wait for a good time.

Cancer – It might be difficult to get the much-needed support from your seniors this month. You can also be a soft target in office politics. Business people and professionals can plan for any new step after 16th May. 

Leo – Your fortune lord Mars is in career house indicating good opportunities. If you need to take important decisions, seek the advice of seniors or your father, it is best if you can hold on until 16th May. New deals and agreements may be signed by business people during this tenure.

Virgo – Your Ascendant and career lord are same – Mercury. The 1st half of month is not favorable. Things will be difficult and there will be mental stress. After 16th May things will become favorable. Business men will be able to get business from abroad. There will be a delay in few things to happen.

Libra – Change your perspective towards life, and develop an optimistic outlook. Seniors will appreciate your work. If you are going to sign partnership deal, check all details. Planets are indicating a broken partnership next year.

Scorpio – Hidden enemies will try to hurt you but support from seniors will save you. You can easily get dragged into arguments, try to stay away from them. Businessmen need to be careful as planets are indicating loss after 16th May.

Sagittarius – There can be work pressure or chances of job loss which would lead to mental stress. An old friend may come to your help during a difficult situation. Businessmen will do some wise investment in their business.

Capricorn – This is the month of unfolding karma. Decisions taken in past will give result in this month. Avoid mixing personal and professional life. This would be a normal month for businessmen.

Aquarius – This is a lucky month for you. You can expect appreciation or increment in the work place. A good opportunity to prove your mettle may come your way. Businessmen will get good gains from their investment. This is a favorable month for those who are into real estate and automobile businesses.

Pisces – Avoid taking emotional decisions or being influenced by anyone. Personal issues can lower your work energy. Jewelry, gemstones and machinery business will get good gains.

This is a generalized career analysis for each of the 12 zodiac signs. But if you want to have a deeper look at your career front or any other aspect of your destiny. Consult our expert astrologer Upma Shrivastava for online consultation.

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