Cancerian Beauty Katrina Kaif Turns 30

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Cancerian Beauty Katrina Kaif Turns 30

On July 16, 2014, Katrina Kaif celebrates her 3Oth birthday! Well, here is wishing the lady many-many happy returns of the day. Though it's quite hard to believe that Katrina, one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood currently, has seen at least 30 name days (since the veracity of her proclaimed birth year is questioned by some!)

Anyways, this model turned actress has given us some of the biggest hits of our time like Welcome and Singh is King and has proved her acting mettle at the same time with movies like Rajneeti and New York. Though it is famously believed that Katrina hails from the UK, in reality she stayed there for only 3 years. Born to a socially sensitive mother, she and her 7 siblings had the fortune of travelling to various countries like China, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium and other European countries. It is this experience of different countries that seems to have contributed to her versatility. So much so that she has worked not only in the UK and the Bollywood but also in Malyalam and Telugu movies. With feathers like International Icon Female (2010), various screen awards and Zee Cine Awards and numerous other similar awards, under her belt, no wonder she is also one of the highest paid female actresses in the industry currently.

Although she hit the news first as the girlfriend of Salman Khan, later on she has reportedly moved on to dating the charming Ranbir Kapoor.(Though she has never commented on her relationship status overtly.) Apart from her work as an actress and a model, she has been an active participant in social good too-clearly the influence of her mother. Right from visiting Kashmir for NDTV's Jai Jawan to recording a music album to raise funds for a school in Madurai, this actress who inspired a Barbie doll, has been doing her due for the greater good. Not just this, she has been a prominent presence on stage shows and has reached our homes as the brand ambassador of prominent brands like Slice, Nakshatra, Lux, Panasonic and L'Oreal.

But questions abound: Why all the secrecy about her relationship status? Why the choice of a relatively unconventional career like modeling and acting? Well, astrology has the answers! Katrina is a Cancerian with a destiny number of 9 and ruling number 7. Since Cancer women are creative and intuitive, a creative field of work makes imminent sense for her to be engaged in. If Salman’s ruling number 9 is juxtaposed against that of Katrina, numerology clearly indicates that these two are completely opposite personalities and would not last together in a relationship-hence, the breakup. Despite being the 'unconventional Indian actress' she defied all odds to reach the top, with a determination and charm that is typical of a Cancer woman. With movies like Bang Bang and Phantom in the pipeline this electrifying actress seems to be still on the rise, and not at the pinnacle!