Can one find true love on Valentine’s Day?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Can one find true love on Valentine’s Day?

LOVE LOVE LOVE IN THE AIR! I can feel it already! Courtesy the Internet! As Valentine’s Day 2020 is approaching, you would see that cyberspace is loaded with love saga, posts and what not, all about love! Constantly reminding you that it is the month of Valentine’s Day!

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With Valentine’s Day turning into a popular festival, the pressure to be seen as a couple instead of alone is somehow taking away the essence of true love. To keep up with the virtual circle and avoid the feeling of FOMO, unfortunately, people fail to understand what they want and at times misinterpret infatuation or artificial display of love to true love.


Find true love on Valentine’s Day or strengthen your existing relationship? This weighty question is enough to rattle each one’s mind & comprehend the status of love in this century.

While couples all around the world are obsessed with love exhibitions, some feel powerless to find love. Even though there is no shortage of love advice lurking in the air, we still agree that finding true love is not a cakewalk.


Amidst this confusion of love & infatuation, the question remains the same! Can one find true love on Valentine’s Day? 

It is said, there is no right time, season, place or even calculation that can hold or dictate the feeling of love. All one can say – It just happens! I have often heard a lot of people say it’s the planets and stars which might play a major role! Surely, you would agree with me! In this quest of finding true love, some looking out to pair off for a long-term relationship, while some want a short-term fling. We need to first understand what exactly we want! Thus it carves across various hues of love. Some end up with mutual love while some get stuck with one-sided love. Some find their soulmate, on the other hand, there are a few who are still out on the lookout.


Call it the bitter truth of life or a blessing, not all love stories need to find a perfect ending. But surely each love story changes you! In spite of this, one never stops loving. That is how powerful this feeling is, it never lets you give up on love.


Love betrayals+ love vibes+ love combination- Astrology knows it all! 

When the word astrology is uttered most people get turned off, while some completely get engrossed in reading more and more about it. In short, all these studies, observations and practices have vibration as its nucleus. Thus, a lot of people do not know about this concept and have misconceptions about astrology as a whole.


There are numerous types of vibrations which exist in the universe, out of which some are identified and given names, while the rest are still unknown.

Love in context to astrology is a vibration that is governed by the movement of planets, their placement and nature.


The various events which take place in one’s life are divided in the form of 12 houses. Each of these houses represents aspects like love, marriage, career, family, personality etc. According to the same, the 5th house is all about love, romance and dating. On the other hand, the 7th house represents a long-term relationship and marriage.


The movement of planets in the houses vary as slow and fast which can turn out to be favourable or unfavourable and thus affect different aspects of life.


In terms of love, when one faces sudden heartbreak or love at first sight, at such a time it’s due to the planets and their behaviour. It is not necessary that you will find true love on Valentine’s Day date but the stars on that day can give you courage to express your love or even propose to the one you have been longing to be with. Some can be lucky to strike a spark with someone on the very day and who knows it turns out to be your soulmate!


So, while Valentine's Day 2020 fills the air with love and paints the town red, couples can enjoy this feeling and strengthen their relationship, the new entrants in love relation can explore more boundaries and the singles can surely enjoy high chances to find the one. To be doubly sure of when the right time is or when the planets are in the mood to please your house of love, read your personalised love horoscope 2020 to find out when is the right time to propose or even find your one true love!


Happy Valentine's Day!