Business Predictions by Rikhav Khimasia

Mahaveer notes that Arians you will look at the coming week with a lot of tension about debts servicing abilities. In case you expect news on loans applied for, you may be disappointed. Those of you providing services i.e. in the service business may find it good, especially on 3rd and 4th.

Taureans, Mahaveer notes that internal financial management will be your core business in the week. Budgeting, especially for promotion activities may take up your week. Mahaveer notes that 4th and 5th will be good for fiscal gains too.

Twin, Mahaveer notes that persomal introspection and meetings with senior staffers will be the core action is the week, looking to seek business leadership in your area. 7, 8 and 9 will be very opportune for these activities, notes Mahaveer.

You will be prompted to communicate with your advisors and consultants or senior staff in such capacities. There are scopes that you may look at searching for new consultants to establish health to your production activities. 4th and 7th are good for this.

Profits and gains out of your regular business in this week may be under pressure due to wastages or discounts. Cash flow will be very smooth with everything as expected. Mahaveer notes that least gains may be possible on 3rd and 5th.

Virgins, you will notice that the week is stuffed with strength to strength progress in sales and business growth. Your senior administrators will be effective this week and relations with authorities will be good. Great business potential is foreseen on 4th and 8th.

Your concerns will be about rectifying production issues and opening of new companies or new products, in this week. Being highly attentive towards skills of your staff you may be too critical this week. Mahaveer suggests being appreciative instead more so on 4,5,6.

You will take pleasure and benefit from mingling with accounting and tax related people this week. There are even high scopes of getting sudden benefits due to offers of odd lots and dead stock, repleneshing your critical sources. 3rd and 8th will bring good news on this.

You might discuss issues with partners of business associates and be able to amicably settle ones related to future paths of the association. Mahaveer notes that you Sagittarians will be off the hook on 4th and 7th, while 9th will be very good for partnership matters.

Caps, your speed of work and dedication would be challenged by the slow attitude of your employees, in this week, even hampering your inclination to put in the regular hours in business. Mahaveer fears a few tough tiffs with your staff on 3rd and 5th.

The Waterbearers will find it easy for arranging supplies in this week if not at the best price, definitely the tough products to source. Keep though a tab on sales too, that may dip, notes Mahaveer more so on 6th and 8th.

Staying at the office meeting with staff and just discussing about potential tie-ups will be your flavour for the week, notices Mahaveer. You are advised to concentrate on production or sourcing issues too as they tend to take a sour turn by the second half of the week.


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