Box-office prediction: Ra.One

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Box-office prediction: Ra.One

Ra.One is a science fiction portraying a beautiful relationship between a father and a son. Don't fret, it's not a film heavily loaded with emotions where a father preaches his son what to do and what not to. We have had enough of this routine story.

But Ra.One promises to be something hatke. How? Well, this father Shekhar (Shah Rukh Khan) is trying hard to be a cool dad to his son plus a dude. And his son is putting all his efforts to up his father's cool quotient. Torn between these two is the only woman (Kareena Kapoor) in their life. Finally, Shekhar does get successful in becoming an impressive father by designing a game. But, destiny has some other plans as his game starts playing a game in their life.

A lot of money has gone into the making and promotions of Ra.One. It is currently India's most expensive film to date. Releasing on October 26, 2011 on Diwali, will it prove to be a bright shining diya for its producers? Will Ra.One be the biggest ever hit of Shah Rukh Khan?

The year 2011 adds up to 4 (2+0+1+1=4); this number 4 is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is all about sudden and unexpected changes. It marks freedom and originality. When it comes to creativity, style and idea, this film will be well appreciated. Since, this planet represents some shocking and some good news, Ra.One has something to gain and something to lose.

The film will do roaring business on the first four days and money invested on the project will not get lost. The invested money will be recovered but the overall impact of the movie will be something disappointing. It's doubtful that the film producers will smile all the way to the bank.