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Shahrukh Khan

The average boy, belonging to an average middle-class family, who came a long way to become the ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’, with a net worth of more than Rs 2500 crore and with a fan-following of over a billion people from all over the world, is none other than Shah Rukh Khan, popularly known as SRK.

Although SRK may not be called handsome, and some may find him over rated, he is stylish, smart and knows how to carry himself well. His intelligent, sophisticated, sensual and charismatic nature; coupled with his wickedly expressive eyes and smile, makes him regularly feature among the top 10 on ‘The Times of India’s’ list of the 50 most desirable men in India and one of the sexiest men in Asia.

Making his debut appearance in the TV serial, Fauji and later, taking up acting in movies simply to escape from grief caused by his mother’s death, this King Khan has managed to reach the top rung of the ladder to success, by his sheer Scorpion strong will power, hard work, perseverance and the ability to mould himself according to the need of the hour. Had he not taken up negative roles(which were then being rejected by the established actors) initially, while tentatively setting foot in Bollywood, maybe his acting prowess would never have been noticed and appreciated.

Although, destiny plays a role in everyone’s life, but SRK, is a perfect example of determination and grit, logic and passion; to achieve success in their work, success without a god-father in an industry that relies heavily on one!

But now SRK needs to change his stance to hold on to the image of the ‘King’ in an industry famed for its short ‘memory’. He has celebrated almost 25 years of stardom, as an iconic romantic hero, but now for the past few years, his movies seem to be slipping and he could be losing in the giant battle of the Khans.

While SRK is portraying his acting skills in different roles in the past few movies, it is not going down well with the audience. His latest movie,”Jab Harry Met Sejal”, has got his critics voicing his downfall loudly. Is the audience not yet ready for his mature and different roles? And can he pull off being another Sanjeev Kumar of the industry, is a question only time can tell.

Shah Rukh is a typical Scorpio and his ruling number is 1. His lucky days are Mondays and Tuesdays. Since the Sun rules this number, it bestows on him the quality of attracting people towards him. SRK’s strong intuitive powers should be able to guide him well in his flagging career to bring a certain stability back. His strength is in his family that supports him fully in his home-productions.

Khan’s birthday Tarot card is ‘The High Priestess’, which shows that he has a thirst for knowledge and a powerful personality!

2017 has not opened with a very promising note for SRK, but he will soon be back with his best yet, as he is a stubborn in his endeavors and not one to give up easily with so much versatility in him.

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