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Salman Khan

Ever wondered what star power could do? The answer is: ANYTHING! And this answer does not go with just about any star but a certain "super" star. He"s none other than the "evergreen hunk" of Bollywood, Salman Khan. There is arguably no star bigger than Salman at the moment in Bollywood. Don"t believe us? Ask the producers of his films or the brands that he endorses.

While Salman is making moolah at the box-office, he is also quietly doing his part in helping the needy through his charity foundation, Being Human, the biggest in Bollywood. And when we take a look at his upcoming projects, we can"t help but release a sigh of pure envy. And if the film pundits were to be believed, there is no stopping Salman Khan from creating new records at the box office and elevating his superstardom to even greater heights.

Salman was born on 27 December 1965 and is a Capricorn with Saturn as its ruling planet. Being a Capricorn, he may appear serious and reserved to others, but once he gives the trust, he would become a loyal and devoted friend. He is socially oriented and works hard for anything he wants, be it helping the poor and needy or doing anything for his friends. His self-esteem is extremely important to him and he can"t take deceit. He is stubborn, egoistic and is unyielding. He can also become a bitter enemy. He puts his families and friends before his own needs and welfare. He speaks what is in his heart, which could end up hurting even his close friends but he is honest with his opinion.

His ruling number is 9 and is governed by the Planet Mars, which means that he is aggressive, courageous, dashing and quick. His ruling planet Saturn can bring depression, gloom, jealousy and greed. He is conservative and doesn"t like his girlfriends and friends mingling with others, especially with whom he does not share a good rapport. This planet symbolizes learning life"s lessons and indeed he has learnt from his past mistakes.

2016 will again be a great year for Salman Khan. His dominance in movies and Television will make him the highest grossing star in B"town. The year looks rosy for him even in terms of love and relationships.


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