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Abhishek Bachchan

He was born into the most powerful and prestigious family in Bollywood and has the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife. No prizes for guessing who he is. Abhishek Bachchan entered the Bollywood rungs with JP Dutta"s Refugee. Although the film didn"t do well at the box office, Abhishek got noticed. But, much like his father Amitabh Bachchan, he failed to get the cash register ringing at the box-office with his initial handful of movies.

It was only after 4 years of hardship that AB Jr. got his first commercial success in the form of Yash Raj Films" action thriller, Dhoom. Although, many of his movies have bombed at the Box-Office, the future seems a bit brighter for Bachchan Junior, both professionally and personally.

Born February 5, 1976, Abhishek belongs to the sun sign Aquarius with ruling number 5. The planet Mercury governs this number and those born under it are shrewd, mentally alert, industrious, diplomatic, and intuitive and have sharp business acumen and a scientific temper. He is active, quick and agile, both physically and mentally. He is self-motivated and has the ability to take his plans to their logical conclusion. He is deeply entrenched in family life and will try to spend much time with his baby girl. Everything he does is characterised by speed, efficiency and determination. He has a broad and tolerant view of life and always acts in the spirit of comradeship.

2016 will be a mixed year for Abhishek. He will struggle to make an impact. He will get some good movies but box office success may elude him this year as well. Travel and a busy schedule is highly indicated for him. Things will be bright and nice in 2015 for Abhishek as far his personal front is concerned.

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