Basic Principles to Determine Profession and Income

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

In astrology, several factors, like the 11th House (the House of Income) in your birth chart, your 12th House (the House for Expenditure) and the 2nd House (the House for Accumulation and Savings) play a significant role in determining how prosperous and fortunate you will be.


The Lord of your 11th House, and the planets influencing that House should be auspiciously aspected and in conjunction to have a beneficial impact on your life. 


Astrologers believe that if you want to be rich, the strength of your 11th House should always be higher than that of your 12th House. This means that the total points obtained by 11th and the 2nd House individually should be higher than that of your 12th House. Even if you have a good income if your 12th House turns hostile it can reduce all your savings to zero.


To determine whether you should go for a service job, or work in a business, or become an entrepreneur, astrologers analyze placements of the planets in 5 Houses. 

Thus, if you have weak planets in your 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th House, it may indicate that a service job will be most suitable for you. On the other hand, if strong planets are positioned in these Houses, it means that working in a business will bring your prosperity and success.


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The various Houses that can help determine your income include-


• The 2nd House in your birth chart is most directly connected with your income. It indicates inflow of finances, bank position, and worldly possessions. It also represents your achievements and earnings from business and trading and tells a lot about your financial status. 

• The 4th House indicates paternal wealth, and the 5th House can give affluence to a person. 

• The 6th house can be indicative of financial struggle for the native. To understand how successful your business partnership will likely be, you can get your 7th House analyzed.

• The 8th House represents afflictions as well as earnings for the native. This house can help predict unexpected prosperity and income from gambling.

• Finally, the 9th House is the House of Fortune and represents service, business, and other occupations.

• The 10th House represents the individual’s profession, status in life, activities outside house, honor, power, and authority. It can also tell about the nature of your profession. For those who wish to work as a government employee, work in trade, or own a business, this house can give you good insight. 

• The 11th House also accounts for accumulated wealth, fluctuating money gains, social activities and social successes.

• The 12th House in your birth chart indicates your expenditures. It is also linked to debts, and lost goods are also analyzed through this house. You can also calculate the ratio of your earnings and expenditure from this house.


By consulting a reliable astrologer, you can find out professions and careers suitable for you, which will likely bring you success, present fewer challenges, will be more suitable for your style of living. You can also seek suggestions and remedies to improve your financial condition or learn how to switch careers.



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