astroYogi:5 Movies that released at the right time in 2016

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astroYogi:5  Movies that released at the right time in 2016

Have you ever wondered about the underperformance of a movie in box office despite having all the ingredients of a blockbuster? This happens often in Bollywood and luck is a crucial factor here, despite the best efforts. Even the best film makers and actors have tasted failure, nobody has a foolproof formula for a commercial success.  Bollywood’s inclination towards astrology, numerology and other occult arts are well known, this mystic nature of success can be the reason for their dependence. In an industry where the most progressive and creative minds work, the existence and survival of such conservative and traditional methods is a surprising fact, but not only has these devolutionary methods survived, it thrives inside the industry and is a very influential factor when it comes to decision making in Bollywood. astroYogi experts analyses last year’s Bollywood releases, and list out 5 such movies which were released at the right time according to the astrological calculations:

Neerja:  This Sonam Kapoor starrer film was released on 19th February 2016. The movie was a biographical thriller film directed by Ram Madhvani, based on the life of Neerja Bhanot, the youngest Indian to be awarded the Ashoka Chakra. The plot and screenplay of the movie were its spine, and the fact that it was the biopic of a national hero also gave the movie a much-deserved hype. Apart from all these facts the planetary positions and influences on 9th February 2016 were in Neerja’s favor. Sun was positioned in Aquarius, moon in Gemini, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. The ideal positioning for an auspicious release. The compounded effect of all other planets nearly nullifies the malicious effect of Saturn in Scorpio. The Planetary positions would totally be in favor of A Gemini like Sonam Kapoor. The film eventually collected a whopping 71.26 crore at the box office, when it was made on a budget of just 14crores.

Kapoor and Sons:  This comedy drama was released on the 18th of March, 2016. Directed by Shakun Batra, this comedy drama was a young film, starring Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt. The film was well received by Indian audience and it collected 71 crores of box office collection, when it was made in a budget of mere 11 crores.  On the 18th of March 2016, Sun was in Pisces, and Moon in Cancer, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. Another favorable combination for a commercial success, the positioning of mars and Saturn in Scorpio means that by all chances there is a probability for financial gain as well as the increase in popularity on this day. It is almost certain that the producers of the film have chosen the day for release after consulting an expert astrologer.

Sultan: Sultan was predicted to be a great commercial success, as it has been the trend for all Salman Khan Starrer movies since wanted. Just to have Bollywood’s biggest superstar in the movie ensures a bare minimum of 100 crore collection, all above it would depend upon the content of the movie. Sultan was revered as one of the best performance of Salman khan, and one of the finest movies he has ever worked in. But there was something special about the release date of Sultan. Sultan released on the 6th of July 2016. On that day Sun, Mercury, and Venus were positioned in Gemini. These behemoth’s influenced the tremendous success of this movie, which happened to break the record of ’Three idiots’, Bollywood's biggest hit till that time. The Positioning of Jupiter and Rahu on Leo had a bit of negative effect on the movie but it seems the support of favorable planets helped Sultan to overcome those malicious effects.

Pink: This movie was critically acclaimed for the social message it carried. The film did well in the metro circuits as it didn’t have the ingredients of a masala entertainer which would be well received in the rural circuits of Bollywood. But it is counted amongst last year’s blockbusters as it collected 70 crores, and the making cost for the movie was just 30 crores. The movie was released on the 16th of September 2016. The date chosen for release proved to be very auspicious not only because the movie turned out to be a much bigger success than it was expected to be, but also, due to the fact that the movie didn’t land up in much of prerelease controversies and objections considering the subject the movie was about. Mercury and Rahu were positioned in Leo which nullifies all objections and hindrances for the movie. Moon and Ketu in Aquarius which is a water sign help the movie in gaining popularity and better word of mouth publicity.

M.S Dhoni The untold story: Susant Singh Rajput is doing well in his career, much credits to his PR team, he was able to grab good brand endorsements and a couple of few movies were also in his kitty. The most important movie which he signed and which would also be a milestone in his career is M.S Dhoni The untold story. The movie received a stupendous response from the masses and the hype which surrounded the movie was massive. The movie was released at the right time as the News of Indian cricket team captain’s retirement was doing its round in the media. The movie was projected and marketed as a tribute to the great Indian cricketing legend, MS Dhoni during the dawn of his career. There are a few other things which added up to the brilliant timing of the film’s release, though. M.S Dhoni The untold story was released o on 30th September 2016. A day I which Sun, Moon, and Jupiter were positioned on Virgo. The positioning of these planets on Virgo meant that the movie would have all favorable circumstances to have a smooth run at the box office. Any malicious effects of other planets are absolutely nullified the positioning of these three big players of destiny.

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