Your Life Path Number and Its Significance

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Your Life Path Number and Its Significance

Numerology is a very interesting science and helps one to know more about him/herself. Your ‘Life Path Number’ can help you to identify your skills, your negative and positive traits and thus, can be of great help in steering your life on the right path towards your goal.

It is very easy to calculate your Life Path Number. Write down your birth date and convert that day, month and year to a single digit.

For e.g.

If your birthday is 16 July 1962, your Life Path Number is-

(1+6) + (7) + (1+9+6+2)= 7+7+18 




Numbers are from 1-9 and other double digit numbers are reduced to single digits except 11 and 22. These are called ‘Master Numbers’ and are never reduced.

If your birthday is 22 July 1962, you will not reduce 22 to 2+2=4, but use 22 as such. So, your Life Path Number becomes

(22) + (7) + (1+9+6+2) =47, which can be reduced to 11. 11 is a Master number, so it cannot be reduced further.

So, one can have one of the following Life Path Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,22.

Calculate yours and discover more about yourself.

Life Path 1

Number 1 is a confident, natural born leader and likes to take decisions. He is energetic and can be aggressively persuasive. He is courageous and is open to challenges. Has the ability to manage everything correctly and so makes a good father figure. But the stubbornness of only being able to give orders and not take it, makes them a loner. They make very good conversationalist and so are the centre of attraction in a social gathering. That of course, is a big ego booster for them.

Life Path 2

Number 2 is the compromising, easy to get along type who likes to resolve issues by maintaining peace than getting exasperated. They play the typical mother figure who goes out of her way to keep the tribe together. Inspite of being able to handle situations and in the end getting their way, Number 2’s will not want to be in a competitive environment. When they feel attacked, they react in a vengeful manner that seems to be totally against their nature.

Life Path 3

Number 3 has a happy-go-lucky and an intelligent child-like personality. They have an extroverted personality that pulls people towards them. But they fail to reciprocate what they receive from others and so find it difficult be in a romantic alliance for long. They do not realise what others do for them, taking it for granted.

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Life Path 4

Number 4 is a dependable, committed, disciplinary person who carries out instructions to the hilt. They rarely deviate from the line and do not like unpredictability. They are very organized in their work and the backbone of a company. They make few friends, but they are loyal for life. Needless to say, they are committed to their marriage and provide a safe haven for their family.

Life Path 5

Number 5 is an energetic person who is perpetually looking for change and improvement in his surroundings and so may be one of the most traveled. They look for freedom to do as they wish and motivate others, but many times leave things messed up when they move to another project. They are compassionate in nature but end up trusting the wrong people. They hate to be tied down in relationships and be answerable all the time.

Life Path 6

Number 6 is a caregiver. They have that motherly instinct in them that is caring and counselling. They would bend backwards to help people and are loved by them. They form relationships easily as they trust all. But that makes them a bad judge of character and then, when provoked or wronged, can retaliate in unthinkable ways. They make great partners but want to molly coddle them and so can have a good relationship only with those who are weaker than them.

Life Path 7

Number 7 is a quiet thinker who has that uncanny knack of sizing people up correctly. They have a fine instinct of sensing the deception and insincerity in people. They are not very social and don’t make friends very easily. They are intelligent and can hold an interesting conversation. But they give the impression of aloofness since you do not readily agree with others. Therefore, they are more of a loner and find it difficult to find a partner.

Life Path 8

Number 8 is a hardworking, ambitious person who believes that money can buy everything. They are natural born leaders and have the ability to motivate their pack to perform their best. They are great at advising and counseling but are not open to opinions of others. They get satisfaction from materials. The negative part is that in their pursuit of wealth, they can end up ignoring their family with the thought that simply providing lavishly for them does the trick.

Life Path 9

Number 9 is a humanitarian, always there for others, always willing to give and help. They trust everyone and feel for them. They would never make good business men as they are ever willing to give what they have and are not materialistic at all. This does not work  so much in their favor where relationship are concerned be-cause if they end up with a partner who is not so generous, that becomes difficult for a Number 9 to handle and understand leading to breakups.

Life Path 11

Number 11 is an extended version of Number 2. They are energetic, sensitive and are dreamers. They have a great knack of under-standing people and are easily likable. Since they are dreamers, they believe more in faith than practicality. They are anxious and stressed most of the time and this makes them think negatively many times. They need to keep calm. They make good workers since they get along well with people. They love deeply and care a lot.

Life Path 22

Number 22 is an extended version of Number 4 with a few better qualities thrown in. They are disciplined visionaries while being practical at the same time. They are hardworking and an asset to an organization. But sometimes they set unrealistic goals for themselves and become very disappointed if they cannot achieve it. They cannot take failures sportingly.

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