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You Would Excel in Sales and Marketing If

You Would Excel in Sales and Marketing If

The technology of Marketing is an absolute art when it comes to convincing buyers. An executive of sales must have accomplished conversation skills and must look the part in their best presentable manner. The planets have quite a supportive role in order to achieve success. Some of the important houses are the 2nd, 4th, 10th or 11th. Moving on to specifics, the 2nd house is the house of speech, which is vital for the field of marketing. The 4th house is the house of public or the consumers, who are of the utmost importance in marketing whereby the consumer’s needs must be satisfied. If the 4th house influences the tenth house then the individual will make a career of marketing. 10th house is the duty house where benefits can be achieved through the 11th house.

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There are also planets that are important which are Mercury, Venus and Saturn. If one’s birth chart has a strong presence of the planet Mercury, then they can be successful in the field of marketing and sales. They will possess exemplary qualities of salesmanship due to the presence of the planet Mercury in the 2nd house. Their attractiveness will be coming from the impact of the planet Venus. Tackling any sort of situation is their game conflated with a mild voice derived from the blend of Venus and Mercury. Saturn is associated with the consumer whereby due to its impact, they will be great policy makers.

Furthermore, there are more Yogas in the birth chart which help in understanding this. Let us take a look at some of them:

A)  The planet Mercury is associated with Speech. The professions of sales and marketing have a significant dependence on speech and presentation abilities. The moon sign of Mercury, Venus and the position of Saturn and Mars are extremely important and are considered auspicious in the Birth chart.

B) When the planet Mercury makes a bond with the tenth lord while placed in its own sign along with the planet Venus placed in its own sign, the ascendant lord creates a bond with 11th house or the 2nd house. If the planet Saturn has an impact on the 10th house, then there is a significant possibility of the individual becoming a Marketing executive.

C) Similarly to the above point, if the ascendant Lord aspects Mercury and with Venus placed in the 2nd or 11th house then the individual will achieve success in the field of Marketing.

D) The planet Saturn, if related to the ascendant or ascendant lord, Mercury makes a bond to the Moon. Moreover, if the 9th lord is placed in the 4th house and further influencing the 10th house, then the ascendant lord will have an impact on the 2nd, 11th or 10th house whereby the individual will earn lots of money through the Marketing field.

E) If the Pisces ascendant has the sun placed on it and Mars is in the 7th house as 2nd along with Saturn, then it turns to be the lord of the 11th or 12th house. The individual will become a good policy maker and also increases the possibility of creating a stable economic status.

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