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Will Lionel Messi Shine Bright in FIFA World Cup 2018?

Will Lionel Messi Shine Bright in FIFA World Cup 2018?

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini is an Argentine football player who plays for the Spanish club, Barcelona and also Argentine National team. Considered to be one of the best footballers in the World, the football fraternity believes there has been no one like him for quite some time now. With a record number of awards tucked under his belt, this 31 year old ‘football God’, reigns supreme in all the main four statistical categories for the prestigious FIFA World Cup, 2018, which is going to be hosted in Russia this year.

The football fans are waiting in anticipation for Messi to help Argentina win the much coveted ‘FIFA World Cup Trophy’. One of the most popular sporting event, billions of television viewers are expected to be glued to their TV set for this spectacular sporting event that is held every four years.

Brazil won the 2014 World Cup Trophy and this year the eyes are all focussed at Lionel Messi, the “greatest player to have ever played the sport” and who could help Argentina take away the World Cup 2018, or at least bring it in league with the top contenders, Germany, Spain, Brazil and France.

Born on 24 June, Messi is a Cancer. Let’s discover what makes this man such a legend.

To be great at playing football the player has to have the right mindset. That includes passion and drive to succeed, to handle pressure of the game well, allow yourself to accept feedback from coaches to help you improve your game, self motivate yourself to master skills and techniques, to be able to work as a team. Messi has all these qualities and being a Cancer, he is extremely diligent in his work. He has wonderful vision, ball control, passing range, shot placement and a heightened awareness of the play around him.

A Cancer is ambitious in nature and will not sit on the sideline. A Cancer will always put his best foot forward where his career is concerned. They will put in all they have got, to reach the top. Messi has worked at his ‘lower body moves’ and balance of body to move at incredible speed in lieu to compensate for his height. Messi already has four Champions League medals in his trophy cabinet and winning the World Cup for his country would be a dream come true for this hard working Cancer.

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A Cancer is typically a threat to his opponents since he keeps a cool head and is focussed. Messi has mastered the skill of a clean finish and many times the goalie simply stands looking at the ball, not even trying to stop it.

Although, being an emotional sign, Messi has suggested that if Argentina fails to win the World Cup, he will retire from International football! 

Jupiter turns progressive on July 10, in a Cancer’s career for 2018 and that will bring in luck for Messi as the World Cup finals reaches its conclusion on July 15.

Team Astroyogi wishes Messi a wonderful birthday as he turns 31 on June 24, 2018 and hopes to see him playing in 2022 in Qatar, too.


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