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What makes you so delectable, read into the signs!

What makes you so delectable, read into the signs!

Having a crush on someone is nothing uncommon. Some are tight lipped about their feelings, others believe in confession. Nevertheless ever wondered why someone has a crush on you, we did the work and thought it would be fun to find out what qualities in you make someone go gaga over you, according to your zodiac.


Many find your strong level of confidence to be one of your most attractive trait. You are not a subtle sign at all, you represent the Ram, who charges after the object it desires. Moreover, if you happen to have a crush on someone, you do not believe in keeping it a secret not worrying about the consequences. A go-getter, filled with oodles of excitement. How can someone not have a crush on you?


You can be cute, funny and charming at the same time. No wonder you got so many people having a secret crush on you. Also, known as a pleasure seeking and a generous sign. You don’t beat around the bush if you like someone, you may not say it out loud but you would convey the message through the things you give the other person from chocolates to flowers, they say it all.

You represent the Twins, you have a multi-faceted personality with nothing constant in you. Your personality keeps the other person guessing. And it is almost difficult to read you when it comes to your feelings. You can be quite hilarious when you want to and people find it interesting to have a conversation with you. Of course, your charming and flirtatious nature is something people can’t resist

Never judge a book by its cover, this famous proverb is apt for Cancer. Difficult to read on a lot of levels, famously known for mood swings but this won’t stop people from having a crush on you. Your sense of security and the need to feel safe makes you wanted. Other words to describe you, extremely sweet, caring and fiercely protective about things you love.

You represent the King of the Jungle, a passionate, gorgeous and confident beast. Everyone wants a part of you, you have a magnetic charisma not many can escape. If someone lets you know about their feelings, you will be passionate and will leave no stones unturned to show the other person the time of the world. You believe in showering gifts, attention and lot of affection.

Believe it or not, your reserved nature which makes people so attracted towards you. Also, you are a good listener and will be sensible to anyone who seeks comfort in you. You don’t believe in grand displays of affection or public declarations. You like it simple and slow at first, will never make the first move. So when you do make a move, it a sure sign that you like the other person. Your intelligence never fails to amuse anyone.

Who cannot have a crush on someone with those adorable dimples? Known as a hopeless romantic, you tend to wear your hearts on display. You just cannot hide your feelings - sweet smiles, long staring but loving gazes slowly turning to surprises, love notes and so much more. People have more than one reason to be envious of your partner now.

Known as the most mysterious of all signs, you fascinate people with those intense eyes like its penetrating their soul. How can people escape your gaze? Sexually and emotionally complex, when you flirt with someone it is a sure sign that you are interested and it would be impossible for the other person to resist your single minded pursuit

You like to be wild and free but one should look further than the sparkle of your eyes and your smile if you like someone. You like to meet new and fascinating people which also makes you a social animal. Impulsive by nature although this is not healthy at all times but interestingly people find it quite alluring. More reasons needed why people have a crush on you? 

Three words describe you best: stable, reliable and nurturing. These three qualities can set anyone’s heart pacing if they are looking for a meaningful relationship. Why not start with Capricorn? You don’t believe in passing affairs or taking matters of the heart too lightly. 

Known as a fascinating sign, when it comes to romance or something similar you are one tough nut to crack. But your intelligence, attractive nature and because you are so different from the rest of the crowd makes people want you more.

You are known to be the most compassionate of all the zodiac. Your kind heart, soft spoken and empathetic nature is hard to go unnoticed. And you have the crazy unpredictable streaks in you which make you so much fun to be with.


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