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What makes Saif Ali Khan a typical Leo?

What makes Saif Ali Khan a typical Leo?

Dignified, yet playful, loyal yet sometimes unfaithful, domineering yet affectionate, egotistical yet modest, is some of the qualities that define our Nawab of Pataudi and which can typically define a Leo.

Saif Ali Khan, Indian actor, and producer was born on 16 August 1970 and is a Lion at heart with an aristocratic demeanor.

Ruled by the Sun, exhibiting an aura of power around him, carrying himself stately, Saif knows he is a head turner. But spite of belonging to a royal family, he was not repulsed by the thought of working his way from scratch in the film industry to the top bracket, where he now belongs. Saif never needed to earn his pennies with the kind of background he had, but the ambitious lion in him wanted success in his venture - which was to be a superstar like his mother. His initial flops in films didn't deter his pace and he didn't give up. In spite of having a lull period with his career declining rapidly, in the nineties, Saif’s Leo confidence about his own abilities kept pushing him to try again and again till he made his biggest ‘come back’ in 1999 with the commercial movie, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

Like the typical Leo, Saif was arrogant and wouldn't let anyone boss him around. This would cause a little trouble at work sometimes. But with time, even as seen in his movies, Saif has grown from the cute, pampered boy next door(Movie - ‘Kya Kehna') to the suave, debonair gentleman(Movie - Race).

Since Leo is a fixed sign, it makes the native have a fixed opinion about things. It is difficult to make Saif change his mind once he has decided on something. Even while making a major decision as marriage with a girl almost 13 years older to him, he overruled his parent's objection and went right ahead. The marriage failed after 13 years

His zodiac sign makes a great lover. He gets along best with people who love life like him. That may explain Saif’s affairs while he was still married to Amrita. Maybe he was looking for more attention and adoration. The lion’s sensual, romantic and powerful sex drive made him cross his threshold to ‘greener pasture’, albeit for a short period. 

The Leo in Saif makes him possessive and he wants to always come first in the partner's life - even before the children. Saif’s new bride, Kareena, is smart enough to keep that in mind. Since a Lion likes to be lapped up to, showered with praise, be the center of attention, we see his wife doing just that(At least publicly). Kareena in turn, swears by his supportive nature.

Leo’s make great fathers too and Saif has proved just that. His first wife, Amrita is aware of his warm-heartedness, protective nature, and possessiveness for his children, and encourages them to rely on his opinion about their future. His love for his newborn is obvious from the photos he uploads on his social page. 

The Leo’s unbridled temper is obvious in Saif as he repeatedly gets into some sort of controversy, whether it is to stage a walk out from some show or get into a punching brawl in public.
Quoting him,”One needs to understand that there is a sophisticated and polite side to me. But there is also a side that gets into arguments if provoked.”

So typicpical Leo! 

Traditionally Yours,



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