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What Makes Deepika Padukone a typical Capricorn?

What Makes Deepika Padukone a typical Capricorn?

Deepika, one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, who has the distinction of being mentioned in Maxim’s List of the ‘Top 100 Hot Women from around the Globe', for the year 2017; exhibits the typical personality traits of a Capricorn. Born on 5th January 1986, she was blessed with genes of a sportsman father and an intelligent mother. She firmly believes in the three D’s for someone to grow in any field of life - Dedication, Discipline, and Determination.

Deepika, since childhood, had a mature head on her shoulders and the Capricorn in her inculcated a sense of disciplined routine in her life. She was initially focused on being a badminton player like her father and would get up at 5 in the morning for her training. Destiny made her shift her goal to become an actress. But the professionalism that she learned in the field of sports, helped her make her life structured. Quoting her, “When I branched out in a different profession, I realized how much of that background I use in my life today - from the simplest things like my diet and sleep; to my financial aspect as well”.

Capricorns are high achievers and Deepika too has that penchant for excellence. Her ability to take criticism, acknowledge her limitations and strive to work harder has made her one of the most popular and high-profile celebrities in India. 

Deepika when young, was not a very ‘friend’ type of person. But

once a Capricorn chooses a friend, they hold on tightly and so has Deepika to Shahana Goswami. They both get along like a house on fire.
 Just as, in spite of her busy schedule, she took time off to attend her best friend Srila Rao’s wedding in Sri Lanka, not just for a cursory appearance, but helping the bride get ready as any regular girl would do. The Capricorn Deepika is loyal, caring and motherly to her close friends.

A Capricorn woman is traditional, organized and responsible. When interviewed about ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and if she would relate to that character, she said that she doesn’t endorse the character personally as she is very conservative in life.

A Capricorn has excellent business sense and so it’s no surprise that while Deepika earns her millions, she values every penny earned and invests it wisely. Says Deepika,”We, as a family, are extremely conservative when it comes to money. I come from a middle-class family, plus I am a South-Indian. Every rupee is accounted for.”

The Capricorn woman in Deepika wanted a partner who would make her feel secure and safe. She wanted an honest and trustworthy partner on whom she could rely. When Ranbir broke this trust, she moved away from him, albeit giving him a few chances first. 

A Capricorn can be moody and fairly self-destructive and that led to a depressive stage in Deepika’s life. Whatever the reason for the depression - whether her break up with her lover or the loneliness of staying away from her parents - Deepika accepted it and fought to come out of it successfully. This hard-working Capricorn, for whom “work takes precedence over everything else”, came to terms with her depression and started doing social work to bring awareness about recognizing and helping people with depression. 

The incredibly tough Capricorn, weathers any storm, calmly rising upwards.

Traditionally Yours,



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