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Vodka Made Me Do It!

Vodka Made Me Do It!

Is it the real self that comes out when a person gets drunk? After a few drinks, why do girls and boys suddenly think that they can take better decisions for themselves? You throw caution to the wind and are willing to make a fool of yourself in this inebriated state. Drunken texts have more misspellings than usual texts. These are all common signs that we see.

We wouldn't call Mr. Nasty our "true selves" but it a side of our personality that’s likely to come out when we have a little too much to drink. When you are around drunk people, or the next time you are in a bar, here’s a little something to amuse yourself with. Guess people’s zodiac sign by observing their behavior.

Aries: ‘Friends turn into punching bags’. Aries always laugh wistfully and likely to pass sarcastic comments on others. If you are not at good terms with them, then they might want to mess with you and finally fight with you! Their brain actually works after getting drunk. Their competitive streak makes them prone to closing-time shot contests.

Taurus: ‘Laugh like a Laughing Buddha’. Taurus people are likely to go wild and dance on the floor as if they were born on it. They turn into stalkers, especially Taurus girls; they flaunt and are likely to show their assets to grab attention. The bull becomes a one-person stampede. They chat cleverly and try to make fun of others.

Gemini: ‘Serious and professional looks’. When drunk, they think that they look handsome or may feel they are the hottest people in the room. They have a feeling everyone’s staring at them. Gemini may start behaving royally and even be at their flirtatious best.

Cancer: ‘Tired and Emotional’. Once they start they don’t stop until they puke 3 to 4 times. They become unstoppable; let them do what they want. If you stop them they might hit you in the eye, and say ‘sorry’. They become very flirtatious and noisy under the influence of alcohol. When their favorite music is on, they may dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Leo: ‘They roar like a Lion’. Leo says that they are totally fine, they are not drunk even though they are clearly drunk. They want to show off their wild side and charm everyone around. They feel liberated; they are playfully entertaining and love playing dare games but keep their sense of dignity intact.

Virgo: ‘Stalking in a serious manner’. They like to be alone and focus on the target. They are likely to flirt and go wild and forget about their practical side. They always volunteer to be the designated driver, especially after getting drunk. They know their limits though and may not really be drunk. They are inclined towards avoiding drunken episodes because they tend to be pivotal.

Libra: ‘When Libra is drunk, the ground becomes the sky’. Their favorite dialogue is ‘I love you ma’am, I love you all’. They concentrate so hard on being nice all the time that when they get drunk, expect this side of Libra to get heightened. They get super flirty too and end up being the life of the party. They laugh out loud and enjoy drunken fights.

Scorpio: ‘Scorpio soaks all the alcohol like sand’. Getting laid becomes a priority after getting drunk for the Scorpio. They try to seduce after getting drunk and pass a lot of slurring remarks. Moderation isn’t present anywhere in their vocabulary. They either seek total annihilation or they go home early. They are very witty when they get drunk, and may attract others around.

Sagittarius: ‘I’m sorry but I can die for you’. When Sagittarians gets drunk they behave super hyper and are spontaneous. They are more fun, tactless, and maybe a bit too honest under the influence of alcohol. They are rowdily loud, and they can be very hateful too and likely to make others around feel awkward.

Capricorn: ‘Drink as much as you want - the bills are on me tonight’. They enjoy getting heavily drunk but don’t tell a Capricorn that they have had enough because they are going to try their best to prove you wrong. They are elegant drinkers, but they have a tendency to get too naughty when they’ve had a little too much to drink. They are aware of their limits and they want to keep their reputation intact.

Aquarius: ‘A keen eye for observation’. Aquarians become know-it-alls. They are not hyper drunks, but they are very amusing when drunk, and they get fascinated by some of the most minor things. After a few drinks they can’t even see what they drinking. They are more likely to stay on the side and start laughing at others.

Pisces: ‘Living on the edge of the enjoyment’. Pisceans feel like superman after a few shots. They love dancing, and dancing becomes a weapon of seduction for Pisces. They look for a dance partner all the time after a few drinks. They are more likely to pass out after a while and not remember a thing the next morning.


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