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Vastu Expert - Dr Rupa Batra Decodes Metal Buying on Dhanteras

Vastu Expert - Dr Rupa Batra Decodes Metal Buying on Dhanteras

Dhanteras as the name suggests is related to money, fortune and wealth. Well, Dhanteras marks the beginning of five day long celebration of apparently the most important and revered festival of Northern India, which is Diwali. Dhanteras has also got the suffix (teras) from as it is celebrated on 13th day of Krishnapaksh as per the Hindu calendar. As kids we have always seen our parents purchasing silver coins, electronic gadgets or kitchen utensils on Dhanteras. But why is it so? Let’s find out what celebrity Vastu consultant Dr. Rupa Batra has to say…

Legend behind the tradition:

It is believed that King Hima’s son was destined to die on the 16th day of his marriage! But his young wife was quite an intelligent soul. She arranged a heap of gold and silver coins and jewels at the entrance of the room where her husband stayed. The moment Lord of death, Yama entered the palace he was bedazzled with the spark of coins and jewels. Everywhere there was complete light and he was not able to concentrate on any single door or window of the palace.

In the wee hours of the morning, with much effort he tried to bridge the heap of coins but on the other side he could listen his wife was singing in praise of God Shiva. The vibrations of the atmosphere led Yama to return in the morning without taking her husband.

  • Dhanteras is also known as Yamadeepdaan. Dhanteras also witnesses people lighting diyas and candles all through the night as a mark of respect for lord Yama.
  • Metal is believed to kill negative energies. Chinese also believe that metal helps clear shar energies (negativity) from atmosphere which is why wind chimes are so popular.  
  • Metal has a tendency of producing sound waves. These sound waves have very therapeutic effects. In yogic farming metal bell is used in place of chemical fertilizers and this has shown to bring about very good results. In Maharasthra much of red chilli plantation has been spoiled but a couple of yogic farmers are still doing well, all thanks to metal bell which creates sound waves which helps destroy insects and pests.

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