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Underneath Your Dreams

Underneath Your Dreams

Since time immemorial, dreams have puzzled one and all because of their mystifying nature. But do they really mean anything or more importantly can we use them to bring about positive changes in our life? The answer is YES, in fact dreams often try to convey important messages and give cues to steer our life in the right direction.

Helping you make sense of your dreams, here’s presenting you simple ways to interpret your dreams with a little astrological insight.


What you see in your dreams is probably a manifestation of your own personality. Since the Rams focus mostly on initiating a task and not completing it, they happen to dream of demons or difficult situations. So the next time you go to sleep, remember not to run away from the demons that you might encounter in your dreams. This will give you the confidence to tackle problems in your real life too.


The bulls are too rational to believe in dreams let alone try deciphering their true meaning. However, recording what you see in your dreams is a good idea to ascertain if they mean anything. So note down the recurring theme in your dreams. Apart from the common theme in most of your dreams, you might also stumble on unusual symbols or characters. Also, if your dreams have a physical influence on you (apart from the psychological one) there is good reason for you to record and find out the reason behind them.


Your intelligent mind is what enables you to prod deeper into the most complex dreams. But impatience might cause you to leave it midway, even when you are on the verge of deciphering the meaning of your dream. Recording your dreams on a regular basis may serve to help you understand them better.


Cancer, being a highly intuitive sign, offers significant advantages to those born under this sign. It seems that you are almost always aware of the problems that you might encounter. This can partly be owed to your dreams which become your guides in life.


You are confident and are never in two minds while taking decisions and seldom encounter any blocks or speed breakers on your road to success, but there are times when even the most confident and skilled people get stuck. In those times, your dreams might point out people who can help you out.


You might see forest and animals in your dreams and even though they might appear nebulous and completely irrelevant, there is a larger truth behind those dreams which might be trying to convey you something. Sometimes one needs to separate oneself from rational thinking to decrypt messages from the other world. If you open your eyes to your dreams, you might be able to understand things that you have been struggling to comprehend.


Whenever your life goes off balance, trust your dreams to help you get your life back on track, as without balance you seem to flounder and become depressed. Sleeping over your problems has an altogether different meaning for you. Your dreams help you gain the confidence required for you to move ahead in your life and face challenges.


Scorpio being a fixed sign means that it is quite resistant to changes, however in your dream world, changes are not that unacceptable. Whenever an emotionally exhausting event occurs in your life, it is your dreams that give you the power to overcome the sudden changes and help you tide over rough times through their healing powers.


The spiritual underpinnings of dreams are clearer to this sign of the archers more than most other signs of the zodiac. It could be that you are more in touch with your spiritual side than others and this may help you know what your dreams point towards. They could be prophesies indicating an important event or turning point in your life.


There is a marked difference in the personality you display during the daytime and the myriad dreams you have, that seem to hold sway over you, during the night. Your dreams might actually help you figure out ways to achieve those massive goals you have set for yourself. Focus on the ones that are persistent as they may offer solutions to problems that you have missed out. Share your dreams with someone close, they probably may even help you in more ways than you could imagine.


As far as the Aquarians go, dreams are almost never meaningless. They often have a hidden meaning that might allude to an event of the past or the present or even the future. Aquarius, being a highly intuitive sign, can awaken their intuition through their dreams. You might wake up abruptly in the middle of a dream, but fear not, this is actually a sign that your intuitive abilities have completely awakened or they have at least been intensified.


Just like their symbol of two fishes swimming in opposite directions, the dreams of people born under this sign also have contrasting meanings. You often have dreams with spiritual and mystical connotations. They might point towards the future and may even give you directions to achieve your goals. A common theme might actually mean something relevant that hasn’t crossed your mind. Use the internet to fully fathom the meaning of the repeated symbol or theme in your dreams.


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