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The Faith Of Saif Ali Khan`s Latest Bollywood Release: Chef

The Faith Of Saif Ali Khan`s Latest Bollywood Release: Chef

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, of Airlift fame, Chef is an official Bollywood remake of Jon Favreau’s 2014 American film by the same name.Produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar, it stars Saif Ali Khan and Southern actress, Padmapriya Janakiraman in the lead role. Child actor, Svar Kamble, plays the role of Saif’s son.

The story revolves around a professional chef, Roshan Kalra(Saif), who is so busy with his career that he has no time to spend with his family. When his wife, Radha(Padmapriya), cautions him by saying,”Khaali paise deke koi acha baap nahi ban jaata”, Kalra realises his mistake and makes an attempt to reconnect with his family.

Raja K. Menon has tried to capitalise on Saif’s ‘father personality’ of a Leo, in this film. Leo’s as fathers are energetic, protective, warm-hearted and love to prove that they are the best fathers on the earth. Quoting Menon,”We had lengthy conversations on how Saif became a father at a very young age. He was too young to understand, appreciate or enjoy fatherhood with Sara and Ibrahim. But with Taimur’s birth, Saif got another chance at understanding fatherhood.” And Menon has used this emotion of Saif to the fullest.

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The official trailer of Chef shows the easy connect that Saif is able to have in this father-son reunion drama.

The year 2017 otherwise, does not seem to be very good, career wise, for Saif, the Leo. The expert astrologers at astroYogi suggested hard work this year, for Leo’s, to be successful in their career. And Saif has done just that. This year, three movies of Saif were to be released. And from his side, Saif tried out three completely different characters in these movies.

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While his suave, manipulative and roguish character of Russi Billimoria in Rangoon(released at the beginning of 2017), fetched him accolades, the promos of his upcoming film, Kaalakaandi, a black comedy, show him enacting a gravely ill character with ease. The film, which is repeatedly getting postponed to be able to have sufficient time to complete the censor process, following repeated cuts, may have an impact on Saif’s career this year.

Saif tried a third type of role as an adorable father in this comedy film, Chef , which explores Indian food. This film of Saif has again got a blow as the release date has been postponed.

Chef was earlier scheduled to be released on July 14 th and will now hit the theatres on October 6 th, 2017.

Although Saif acted brilliantly in Rangoon, the film failed to make it big at the box office. Chef could face the same music.

Padmapriya, born on 28 February, is a Pisces. She has to her credit, almost 30 films in a short span of 5 years, most of them in Tollywood. Trying to get a foothold in Bollywood, she has played the role of Saif’s wife wonderfully, inspite of being in awe of Saif. 2017 predicts a good end career wise for Pisces. Chef could spell a break for her in Bollywood.

Saif desperately needs a hit this year. The emotions of this new dad would show in Chef and Saif with Padmapriya and Svar could easily find a place in the audience’s heart.

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