Tarot Cards - A Tool to Manifest Your Dreams

Even those who believe only in science, have to admit that many things which happen in our life cannot be explained scientifically always. At some point, they agree that certain events are best left to the Universe and if you must seek the answers, then ask the universe to help you find them. Or simply accept them as they come.

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When situations look hopeless sometimes, or when we are confused about how to proceed further in our life and seek guidance, the standard answer by our well-wishers is “Leave it to God”.

This is where the healers make their entry into our lives. We turn to those who are more attuned to their ‘psychic’ abilities than we are. They are the ones who can tap into the energy of the universe and come up with answers of plausible outcomes to your actions.

Many clairvoyants use tarot as a tool for seeking many of these answers.

While seeking answers is one of the main uses of tarot, manifesting our wishes is another important use of this esoteric tool. It is akin to ‘wishing’ something. 

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon, when you are; say; standing at a traffic signal or in a queue and staring at some stranger’s back, that stranger invariably senses it and turns around to look at you? How do you explain this act?

Tarot works on such a principle. A principle which you cannot explain! Tarot heighten’s one’s ability to visualise and emotionally connect to our goals and desires. Of course, having said that, this did not imply in the example above that the stranger in the queue before us was an object of desire(Though could be:)). This simply is an example of the fact that the energy from our mind travelled to his/hers through the medium of the universe and he/she responded by turning.

For the Bollywood film fanatics, I love to give the example of our hero in the movie, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengey, when the hero mumbles to himself that if the heroine who is walking away from him, turns around to look at him, it means she loves him. He says”Palat, palat, palat”(Turn around, turn around, turn around)…… and the girl turns! The audience heaves a sigh of relief and the silver screen explodes into music and the world suddenly becomes a better place to live in!(At least for that hero).

Thats the power of manifestation and this has been used since the earliest days of our cave-dwelling ancestors and is known as ‘sympathetic/imitative magic’.

So, if you want to manifest something for yourself, you can take the help of tarot cards. The imagery on the cards enables you to concentrate on what you desire so that you can actually manifest it in the physical.

Different cards in the tarot deck have different imagery and meanings attached to it. Simply pick a card that not only visually depicts what you desire, but also evokes the strongest emotional response to your wished-for-outcome.

For example, if you wish for a comfortable life, meditate on the 9 of Pentacles card and manifest this dream to come true.

All the best to you.

Poonam Beotra

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