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Rio Olympics, 2016 - Will India`s Stars Shine?

Rio Olympics, 2016 - Will India`s Stars Shine?

Olympics are widely regarded as the battleground of the paragons of sports and the hollowed grounds of the competition changes every year. It’s a matter of extreme pride when accolades are showered upon a country, and there doesn’t seem to be a more appropriate gift than envisaging laurels for a nation that happens to celebrate its independence on 15th of August. According to the foretellings of the astroYogi astrologers, the movement of the planets have a considerable impact on the outcome. The astrologers of astroYogi have tried to estimate the level of success and what lies in store for India this Olympic season. Let’s find out what the stars have predicted to be the fate of India in these games.

What does the horoscope for India say:

When India achieved its hard fought freedom from British rule on the midnight of 14th of August, and as the sun set on the latter’s reign, India unfurled the flag of its freedom under the planetary combination of Ascendant Taurus, the Pushya Nakshatra and the Zodiac Cancer. The characteristics of Taurus accomodate a shy temperament, an affinity for peace, patience, geniality, and hardwork and the ability to take struggle in its stride. There are also distinct signs of animosity with neighbours and an unassuming inclination towards establishing amicable relations with those around it. Cancer, on the other hand, by nature is cunning and successful politician who is good with words.

The influence of the planets in the current games:

India is under the effects of the mahadasha (major period) and antardasha (sub-periods) of moon this year. From the first day of the lunar fortnight (pasha) to the full moon (purnima), the moon completes fifteen rotations. This event isn’t just a sight to behold but also quite auspicious. There is a high possibility that players might either shine or taste the dread of oblivion like the darkness engulfing the night of the new moon, Amavasya. Historically speaking, our nation is representated by the largest team of players this season but at the same time, skilled players like Narsingh Yadav are battling accusations against their merit.

The opening ceremony of Rio Olympics commenced on 6th August at 4:30 am, in the wee hours of the morning. It was the day of Shani, embodied in the planet Saturn, a patron of fairplay and a guaranter of justice. The possibility of players being rewarded the sweet taste of success in accordance with their hard work is on the cards, and it wouldn’t be too surprising if some good news comes our way sooner than expected. The dates of 10, 15, 16, and 20 August are looking to be quite lucky, keeping in mind the position and state of the planets. If the players participate on any of these days, the chances of a medal increase manifolds. In stark contrast, the dates of 8, 11, 12, 17, 19 and 21 August look diametrically opposite, and players have to compete strenuously and remain vigilant toward their health. 9, 13, 14 and 18 don’t look too auspicious either, according to the stars.

For the purposes of an accurate assessment of their impending performances, the individual horoscopes of players have to be studied. In its entirety though, the stars are looking down favourably upon the Indian national team, the chances of excellent performances as compared to the records of previous years’ are visible. Speaking of signs, the fact that the Indian Women Hockey team qualified after thirty six years followed by the vindication of Narsingh Yadav’s name and the avid participation of India in gymnsatics heralds a positive energy.

astroYogi wishes the players its heartiest congratulations and hopes to see the national flag fluttering with pride on the occasion of our Independence Day.


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