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Relationship Over Different Time Zones

Relationship Over Different Time Zones

Relationships of all types, whether between lovers, between family, between friends, between colleagues; all need to be worked on if you want to sustain it. So do ‘love relationships’ over different time zones, with the exception that these may need a little more ‘working’ on.

While the whole idea of being in love is about spending quality time with each other, when this ‘quality time’ moves into the virtual zone, it comes with its own set of issues and problems. While many fight to keep relationships ‘alive’ in such a situation, there are others who claim, there is more passion between them when they finally meet in person- a classic example of distance making the heart grow fonder! 

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Long distance relationships can still be worked out when both the partners are in the same time zone, but when the time zones are different, the partners really need to make that extra effort. When they repeatedly fail to connect with each other, it becomes very easy in such circumstances for misunderstandings to crop up. Some common doubts that surface are:

  1. Getting jealous - You need to have complete trust in your partner’s love for you because when he/she is out of your range of vision, it is very easy for your imagination to run wild about what they may be up to. Any uncalled for behaviour on their part can add fuel to this suspicion. And once a doubt appears in a relationship due to blame-game, it can work both positively and negatively - either ending up in a better appreciation of your partner or by beginning a crack that could split the relationship.
  2. Misunderstanding communication - Just like there is ‘Many a slip between the cup and lip’, so is there many a misunderstanding between what was meant and what was construed at the other end. Effective communication is harder over a ‘media’ as non-verbal cues, such as gestures, body language, facial expression, eye contact and even voice tone are very powerful while conveying your feelings.
  3. Giving the ‘silent treatment’ - It’s very easy not to respond to your partner for days if you are annoyed or sulking about something. It becomes difficult for them to connect with you to clarify the matter when you are in different time zones. This is unfair to a relationship as it can drive your partner crazy with frustration and second-guessing.
  4.  Becoming ‘control freaks’ - If having a long-distance relationship was not bad enough; with different time zones, a partner with a fertile imagination can become overly possessive, wanting to know minute by minute whereabouts of the other. It’s the uncertainty of knowing whether the partner still loves them or not, which triggers this behaviour. This can be very frustrating to handle.
  5. Physical intimacy - Since love is strengthened more by physical contact, which can be badly missed in such relationships, it’s important in such circumstances, to feel connected by developing your communication skills to the fullest potential. ‘Love and be loved’ is the emotional feeling you should aim for. It will help in developing a stable, mature and conscious relationship that will last for eternity.

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