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Pick Your Sign, The Game of Thrones Way

Pick Your Sign, The Game of Thrones Way

If mythical creatures, mysteries of the unknown world, kings and villains excite you then you must be familiar with the popular series Game of Thrones.  You name it and there is a little something for everyone making it an indelible part of our lives since its inception.

Admit it, every Game of Thrones fan shares a strong bond with the characters as they have managed to leave some kind of mark on our psyche, even after their untimely death. We love them, hate on them, we cry for them, we mourn for them and this goes on. But keeping in mind their personalities have it ever crossed your mind about the sun sign they possibly can be?

We did, and now we have a perfect spin of Game of Thrones and astrology for you. Find out if you and your favorite character share the same sign:

Aries: Daenerys Targaryen

The mother of dragons, Daenerys represents the first sign Aries on the zodiac wheel. She is a fierce warrior, adventurous, stubborn and hard headed just like a typical Aries. However, they can be quite short tempered and impulsive and tend to take decisions in haste- which they later come to regret. Nevertheless, they still possess the qualities of a great leader which is why Daenerys is the perfect match for the bold and fiery Aries.

Taurus: Cersei Lannister

This wasn’t too hard to guess! Taurus’s love for earthly and materialistic pleasures is well known making Cersei an obvious match. A sharp mind, witty, love for the finest things, patient with streaks of jealousy and possessiveness. The only problem is they believe in winning everything that life has to offer, sometimes to the point of excess. These stubborn bulls will not settle down for anything less. Also, you will never know what is going on in their mind because these people can be extremely closed off.

Gemini: Margaery Tyrell

The twins have been often accused of being two faced, thanks to their changing personalities and Margaery fits in perfectly. They can be manipulative as hell and you may never even know it. How do they do it? Most Geminis are blessed with the ‘gift of the gab’, with this they can advance themselves beautifully with what they want. Geminis are like chameleons who are always changing color (no offence) which is why Margaery is a perfect Gemini.

Cancer: Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark left no stones unturned to get her home back, she continued to fight back amidst the horrid conditions for the love of her family. This is one thing that matters to a Cancer: home and family. These individuals are fiercely loyal and are extremely protective towards the people they love. Hold on, do not take them for granted and be an object of their scorn as they can be extremely mean towards people they dislike.

Leo: Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is every inch of a Leo. They crave for the spotlight and attention as they love to take the center stage. Leo individuals can be quite a show off but never in a way which will make you start hating them, it just comes to them naturally. They are loyal towards their loved ones and will not hesitate to use their claws to protect them.  

Virgo: Arya Stark

Known for their practical and meticulous nature, there is no one who represents a Virgo better than Arya Stark. They have excellent powers of observation and have a good eye for detail especially if they know that something they learn now will be quite useful in the future as well. Their need for perfection makes them intent on making the world a perfect place just like Arya.

Libra: Brienne of Tarth

Libra is the sign of the Balance and this is one quality that Brienne of Tarth possesses. Always balanced, they never take in more than they can handle and seek to execute anything they undertake with perfection. Libra individuals are naturally very kind and tolerant but can be quite stubborn when it comes to their ideals. They are respected for their integrity and are loyal and focused. Librans will fulfill their promises no matter what; just like Brienne.

Scorpio: Ramsay Bolton

‘You should never cross a Scorpio’s path’ is the famous saying and true in every word. Also, the primary reason why Ramsay Bolton is a perfect example of a Scorpio minus the very cruel nature of Ramsay. But everything else like bad temper, vindictive, secretive and determined; yes that’s a typical Scorpio. Nothing can hold them back! With their piercing eyes, they are the master of their own destiny, doesn’t matter if it is at the expense of someone else.

Sagittarius: The Dothrakis

Sagittarians are free spirited people who love adventures and live life in the most jovial way possible just like the Dothraki. They have their self- respect, they can be idealistic and oh yes not to forget the legendary temper. But they are the happiest when discovering new things in life be it people, places or ideas but with one goal: to conquer them all. They do not like to be tied down and like to live in the moment.

Capricorn: Petyr Baelish

Practical people with a rational head is the best way to describe Capricorns. Petyr Baelish has a business- like approach to everything that he does. These individuals are ambitious and set their own ways. What is incredible about these docile and silent goats is that they are ambitious in their own ways. Their flexible nature allows them to adapt necessarily in order to achieve what they want. For example, most of the seasons we never really knew what Petyr Baelish was upto as he seemed distant and all by himself. Such a Capricorn he is, but in the end a survivor.

Aquarius: The Wildlings

Yes, The Wildlings represent the Aquarius the best. Why? They will rebel against anyone who tries to domesticate them as they believe: this is a free world. The ultimate free-spirited Aquarians trust no one but themselves and will work only for themselves, setting their own rules. As much as they value their independence they do understand the language of compassion and are deeply attracted towards anything mysterious or mythical.

Pisces: Jon Snow

People tend to take the fish to be weak and dreamy like Jon Snow. But these mysterious individuals will prove you wrong every time you think you know them well. Look at Jon Snow he proved everyone wrong; joined the Night’s Watch and survived numerous battles. While it’s true that Pisces can be sensitive creatures do not term them to be weak and fragile, they are not. They believe in delivering the best out of what they have in hand. The only downfall is they can be extremely empathetic and compassionate towards others. And sometimes people take advantage of this quality.

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