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Neptune rules your luck

Neptune rules your luck

February will be an exciting month as several major astrological transits are lined up for every zodiac sign. Almost every one of this month's planetary motions and alignments will range from good to great!

Starting on an exciting note, those of you who have been planning to start a new project should go ahead now as this is quite an auspicious period for this. The presence of Mars makes you look at things in a positive light. With Mars involved, this won't be the most sensitive of encounters, but you'll still be full of passion and enthusiasm!

Then, as if too excited to hold in its big news any longer, February gives us its most exciting astrological event- and one of the major transits of the year. On February 3, Neptune moved into watery Pisces (the sign it rules), where it will remain until 2025. This special transit which occurs every 160 years ushers in an era of creativity, compassion, charity, exploration and, oddly enough, an emphasis on mathematics. On a more personal level, Neptune's historic move into Pisces will foster kindness and all forms of artistic and creative adventurousness!

Unfortunately, this excitement is followed by Saturn turning retrograde on February 7, one of the few challenging transits of the month. Financially, you still need to be careful about your expenses. There are indications of your spending a lot of money on expensive but unnecessary stuff. Agreements will be delayed, and you'll find yourself acting in an overly rigid fashion about your principles as you veer a little too closely to negativity and self-doubt. However, if you can avoid undermining yourself while still putting forth your best effort and keeping your faith, things will all work out.

By February 8, you will be in an upbeat mood as Venus skips merrily into Aries. Married couples should develop more trust and understanding and should try not to let differences crop up. This aspect will add sparks to your love life and give you the courage to declare your love - just in time for Valentine's Day!

All these cosmic activities finally slow down and give you a chance to rest until February 18, when the Sun moves in to steal the show for the rest of the month. This is the time when Sun meets Saturn, bestowing sensible and practical solutions to issues both personal and universal.

On the very next day, February 19, the Sun moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces, setting up shop right next to Neptune. Under the Sun's influence, Neptune will become vague, elusive and evasive, making it difficult for you to focus on practical matters. Plans that you have been planning for a long time finally see the light of day and you are thrilled to be in action mode. A vacation relaxes you but is not easy on your pocket. Watch out for some dramatic moments.

On February 25, the Sun is in control and puts things in order. The Sun and Jupiter join together for an upbeat, confident excursion. Towards the end of the month, on Feb 28th, the Sun joins hands with Pluto to bring you out of your fantasies and makes you more practical than ever.


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