Mercury Transit in Aries and Its Impact on You

Mercury Transit in Aries and Its Impact on You

The planet Mercury being the closest to the Sun also benefits its individuals with wisdom, speech and communication. As per Vedic Astrology, it also imparts people with intelligence, logicality and rationality with a sense of harmony. Individuals who are favored by this planet will be exceptionally smart at mathematics and also be great orators. The most beneficial zodiac signs of this planet are Gemini and Virgo. For the year 2018, the planet Mercury will transit into Aries on May 9th and will be there till the 27th of May. Let us take a look into how this transition affects each of the Zodiac signs in particular as per our own Astroyogi’s Expert Astrologers.

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Aries: The planet Mercury will transit in the 1st house where individuals may face difficulties with various situations. It is advised to be extra careful at the workplace and be up to date with all your assignments and projects within the speculated deadlines. You may face trivial issues with your siblings and friends whereby it can be spent by spending some quality time with them like go for a concert or a long drive. It is also in your best interest to check up with your doctor and take any precautionary medicines for the seasonal flu or so. Financially, you will be stable with growth seen in the near future.

Taurus: Mercury will transit into your 12th house where it is in your best interest to take care of your communications as you may be negative and will not reflect well especially at the workplace. You may face some difficulties in getting cooperation from your colleagues at work. On the family front, things will be a bit rocky and distant but can be resolved with some gifts or some short travel to nearby attractions. You will definitely be getting some profits through your past investments. Health-wise, it is all smooth sailing and you will enjoy it.

Gemini: The planet Mercury will transit into your 11th house where you will have to careful regarding your finances and assets. Investments of any sort are not recommended. Health-wise, you will have a lot of energy and it is best to divert into some gym time or adventure sports. Everything will be smooth sailing at home and for singles in the love nest. Travelling for adventure is expected to happen soon.

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Cancer: Mercury will transit into the 10th house where you may experience some trouble with your siblings. It can be resolved with constructive dialogue and patience. Travelling short trips is not in favor right now. You will also need to take extra care with your finances in order to meet any unprecedented surprises. There is a probability of falling sick which can be overcome by visiting the doctor and taking the prescribed medication on time. You will experience peace and harmony at your own home.

Leo: The planet Mercury will transit into your 9th house and will experience difficulties with finances and it is advised to make some compromises and also be careful with your expenditure. Career-wise, everything looks dull but still manageable to the extent where the bare minimum is met. Health-wise, it is advised to partake in sports activities or spend quality times at the gymnasium. At home, it is advised to communicate clearly as to what is required and needed so as to avoid any conflict from both sides.

Virgo: Mercury will transit into the 8th house where the individual’s physical and mental health issues will be avoided. It is advised to work on your communication skills as you may be giving out wrong ideas at the workplace. Health-wise, you will be experiencing a surge of energy and power to do more than you usually do. For the singles, it is advisable to take into consideration of your partner’s feelings and communicate more. For the married people, you will experience a rejuvenation of your love towards each other.

Libra: The planet mercury will transit into the 7th house where it is related to your relationships and family. Your luck may run out whereby you may experience monotony with your spouse or love partner. Individuals will experience a sudden rise in expenditure. Funny as that may seem, your opportunities to garner more wealth will also appear. Health-wise, playing sports like squash, tennis will keep you active and on your edge. Career-wise, you will experience a stimulating growth to the next step.

Scorpio: Mercury will transit into the 6th house with its impact on various situations. Proper etiquette and manners should be maintained when dealing with friends or elder relatives. This is because the planets influence can make you agitated and intolerant. Financially, you will be acquiring some ancestral property. Career-wise, there is nothing much happening except some extra work load coming your way. Health-wise, you will enjoy full health with surges of energy. Relationship-wise, you need to listen more and talk less.

Sagittarius: The planet Mercury will transit into your 5th house where you will see mixed results in various matters. Financially, you will be aware and stable. Health-wise, you will enjoy your body what it can do at times. Health-wise, you need to do a full check up with the doctor so as to avoid any issues. Career-wise, you will reap benefits and perks in ways that you would not imagine. Keep it simple and steady.

Capricorn: Mercury will transit on your 4th house, where you will need to be careful to face it. A sudden rise in expenditure is expected. Pure luck is able and caring and quick to receive. A trip for all of your family members will be possible. Health-wise, they are active yet need more time outside and crack jokes. Health-wise, you will be fine thorough the day as long as you keep your fitness regime intact.

Aquarius: Mercury transits into your 3rd house. Things may seem to be as they look. Married couples can expect a new member to the family very soon. Investments of any sort are not encouraged. Career-wise, an increment in pay and other perks await you. Family wise, there will be up and downs where you will experience that communication is vital.  Energy levels will be on a new high with can be directed to complaining at work or going out for lunch.

Pisces: With the planet Mercury transiting into the 2nd house, individuals have the need to be aware and alert. You can face difficulties with so many fools. Career-wise, there is foreign travel foreseen where you will also make new acquaintances. In regards to your love life or married life, there will be a new member joining very soon. Health-wise, you will feel like you are on top of world and be vital and energetic.  Peace and harmony will prevail at home.

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