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Mercury Retrograde, June 26-July 20

Mercury Retrograde, June 26-July 20

Mercury, the planet of communication enters the retrograde mode. This retrograde phase will last from June 26 - July 20, 2013. How will this backward movement of Mercury affect you? Will you suffer from miscommunications and misunderstandings? Find out! Get predictions for mercury retrograde based on your sun sign!

Aries: Those in sales and marketing may feel a strong urge to go for some different kind of work. This cosmic phase will help prepare you for this. Efforts you make towards your goal will bring you fulfillment! The self-employed will find the stars helping them and enhancing their work/business. You may not know this, but the effort you put in, will be the deciding factor for and directly proportional to your growth.

Taurus: This week, those already working will do well to take a break to do higher studies. Confused about taking it up as a part-time or a full-time course? Go to a career counselor and make your decision based on their advice. Those who have been thinking about a change of job should wait for this phase to pass.

Gemini: Businesspeople need to be careful as your competitors may try to harm your business. You need to work very hard. Although you may not receive the level of profits you were hoping for, you should not feel dejected as the coming times will be better. Be patient. Do not initiate any new projects.

Cancer: Those in a business partnership may suffer slight financial losses. Do not despair; hard work will see you through sooner than you think. Those in regular jobs may find that their expenditures exceed their income. Students have a lot to feel happy about, some good news will come their way.

Leo: Businesspeople must avoid getting into partnerships during this retrograde. Managing Directors should listen to the advice of their counselors and managers. Advice given to you will greatly benefit the company and its bottom line. Those hoping for a salary increase have good reason to be happy, for the stars indicate you may get what you want!

Virgo: You will find yourself spending money on jewellery, clothes or home furnishings. Businesspeople who have applied for a business loan will see it coming through. Teachers and government employees will gain financially in terms of a pay raise. Changing your employer to a privately-run institute would not be a bad idea, but wait for this time to pass.

Libra: Your communication style helps sell or finalize a deal with others even under the retrograde’s influence, and you will succeed even with those who strongly disagree with your ideas. They may not fall neatly in line with your ideas, but they have to agree in principle with what you`re suggesting or insisting on. You come across like a strong leader, boss or partner. People will be influenced by your determination. Most of all, they believe in what you`re saying. Not a good time to launch anything new or sign papers though.

Scorpio: You will have the opportunity to talk people into your way of doing business. You will have a plan, even if it is not yet fine-tuned into anything concrete. Unemployed women will find their calling in creative arts or astrology. Software engineers looking for a job should not look at changing their field yet. Recently retired people can think of working as consultants. Keep yourself busy and you will find you benefit greatly.

Sagittarius: Those of you who have recently completed your studies will find a good job. Even if this new position is not exactly in your field, do not hesitate to accept it. Although there may be problems initially, these matters will soon be resolved. Artists will be successful during this time. In fact, you may come up with something new and creative that will make you popular.

Capricorn: Businesspeople will see gains resulting from their hard work. Mercury cautions you to be particularly careful about lending and borrowing money. This will be a good time for those who run their own educational institutions. Partnerships will bear fruit. Salaried people get some long-awaited financial help. Where this unexpected help comes from will surprise you immensely.

Aquarius: You will deliberately keep things as simple, clean and easy to understand as possible at work. You will not conduct business behind closed doors without any sort of oversight. The time ahead emphasizes much more oversight and clarity. The stars will bring a lot of political influence for businesspeople and this will take you to new levels in your business.

Pisces: You will not allow a situation to flutter and falter. You see what is happening and recognize that some form of clarification and control is necessary. It may be time to make a decision, even if it`s something you dread doing. You will find easier, gentler ways to accomplish great, wondrous goals toward the end of this retrograde.


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