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Marriage on the Cards for Celebrity Gemini - Sonam Kapoor?

Marriage on the Cards for Celebrity Gemini - Sonam Kapoor?

One of Bollywood’s most fashionable celebrity and one of the highest paid actresses of this industry, Sonam Kapoor hails from a ‘filmy’ background. Daughter of famed Bollywood actor and producer, Anil Kapoor, she is niece to film producer Boney Kapoor and yesteryear actor Sanjay Kapoor. Her cousins are actors Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

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Born on 9 th June, Sonam is a Gemini. This social diva, is always ready for some fun. Being a Gemini, an Air Sign; Sonam too, shows different personalities off and on. One moment she could be readying to experience something new and the next she may just get serious and thoughtful. Native’s with this kind of personality, need a partner who understands this to be normal.

So, it isn’t surprising that Sonam has been in different relationships to try and find out a compatible partner who could relate well with her. She didn’t find it in film director, Punit Malhotra and nor did the relationship with the entrepreneur-model, Sahir Berry, work out. Sonam, anyway, didn’t believe in going public with any of her affairs.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Sonam is intelligent and is blessed with good communication skills.

The Gemini in her helps her be quick-witted and speak out her mind, on things that don’t agree with her.

Sonam has enough controversies attached to her and these are thanks to her indomitable sarcasm towards people. She has got into trouble by calling Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, ‘aunty’,Katrina Kaif, ‘shameless’, and showing her middle finger to the press; just to start with a few! 

But it requires someone as gutsy as Sonam to admit that no actress/model is as beautiful as they look in magazines and then go ahead and post a ‘non-made up’ face of hers, for the public/fans to see.

Sonam will turn 33 this June, 2018 and is all ready to change her ‘single’ status to ‘taken’. The Gemini love horoscope for this year looks perfect to take an ongoing relationship to a new level.

 Sonam is now open about her alleged relationship with the good looking businessman, Anand Ahuja. Anand is Delhi-based and owner of the fashion label, ‘Bhane’ and co-owner of India’s first sneaker store, ‘VegNonVeg’. Both found common ground in fashion and from there on discovered that they seem to be made for each other too! 

 Although, the Kapoor clan does not go public about their personal lives, Anand accompanied Sonam and Anil Kapoor for the 64th National Awards in New Delhi. The cat was then ‘out of the bag’ and now, if the grapevine is to be believed, a wedding seems to be on the cards this summer.

Since her upcoming movie, Veere Di Wedding,’s release date will also be around the corner, on 1 June, 2018, Sonam could have her hands full by the middle of the year. The stars suggest that with the added professional responsibility, Sonam will then need the support of her loved ones, more. By the third quarter of the year, love will be in the air and she will have the new relationship blossom into something even more beautiful.


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