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Happy Birthday Kajol - Astro Analysis of the 90`s Bollywood Queen

Happy Birthday Kajol - Astro Analysis of the 90`s Bollywood Queen

Kajol Mukherjee Devgan is the daughter of yesteryear superstar, Tanuja Samarth and filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee. This beautiful Indian actress predominantly works in Bollywood. She made her acting debut with Bekhudi in 1992, and hit the jackpot with her roles in Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha, DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and K3G. In 1999, she married the Bollywood hunk, Ajay Devgan, and now has 2 children with him; daughter, Nysa and son, Yug. Apart from winning a number of Filmfare awards, in 2011, she has to her credit, the Padma Shri, awarded to her by the Government of India.

Born on 5th August 1974, Kajol is a Leo and exhibits the typical traits of a Leo woman. Energetic and passionate, Kajol is quite family oriented and loves to spend time with her children. She does not believe she made any ‘compromises’ for her family, but simply calls them changes that helped her spend more time with them. Kudos to this fiery and sensible girl.

Jobs that allow open and creative expression of artistic talent, such as acting and entertainment, are ideal for Leos. It is no wonder that Kajol has managed to do so well in the industry. Kajol returned to the cinemas after almost 2 years with her most recent movie, a Tamil film, Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 in 2017, which faired a decent run in the box-office. Kajol is now preparing for 2 new movie releases this year. Her upcoming movie, Helicopter Eela, is scheduled to release on 7th September 2018 and she will also be seen alongside Shah Rukh Khan in their next movie Zero which is set to be released on 21st December 2018. Kajol and SRK made a hit pair and were last seen together on the silver screen in Dilwale, which had hit the theatres in 2015.

 Kajol, being a typical Leo, is good at leadership and organizing and loves to work as a social activist. She is highly respected for her work with widows and children. She is involved with Shiksha and Pratham, 2 NGOs that support children’s education.

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Kajol’s career astrology looks promising in 2018. In the third quarter of this year, Kajol is likely to begin a new project that will take her professional plans to the next level. The final quarter of 2018 is marked with many opportunities for Leo to advance in many different domains. Her career will continue to progress, and the year may surprise her with last minute opportunities on the professional front. Needless to say, it looks like both her upcoming movies are likely to be quite successful in the box-office.

The stars foretell that she could be likely to suffer from stomach related issues in the middle of October, so it is suggested that she pay close attention to any warnings from her body. Despite any health ailments, the last quarter of the year will be filled with a newfound sense of confidence and courage. She will surely start the next year in a state of good health.

Overall, the year 2018 looks good for Kajol. Astroyogi wishes Kajol a happy birthday, and a prosperous and joyful year ahead.


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