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Kajal Aggarwal - Astro Analysis of the Tollywood Beauty

Kajal Aggarwal - Astro Analysis of the Tollywood Beauty

One of the ace heroins of Tollywood and Kollywood, Kajal Aggarwal shot to fame with the Telugu film, Magadheera.

Kajal first tried her hand at acting with a Bollywood film, ’Kyun..! Ho Gaya Na’ but since its release got postponed for quite a few years, her debut film was officially in Tollywood. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Kajal didn’t mind bypassing Bollywood and moving down south, as her sister had already acted in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films.

Born on 19 June, Kajal is a Gemini. A Gemini woman is associated with change and all this is thanks to her multiple personalities. This is one girl, one can never be bored with. She likes to keep herself occupied with her various interests: dancing, yoga and reading.

This intelligent Gemini has a degree in Mass Media and does not intend resting till she also has a MBA degree under her belt.

A hard working Gemini, Kajal worked tirelessly in 50 films in a decade and to her credit these films were in five different languages. It is no wonder that with so much talent and perseverance, the girl enjoyed sharing screen space with the likes of Ajith, Dhanush, Prabhas and in Bollywood; with superstars like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn.

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Gemini is invariably good looking and this tall, slim, leggy actress can make any head turn.

Being extremely expressive; (even her eyes seem to talk); Kajal loves to talk to different people with the sole purpose of gathering information/knowledge. Learning something interesting is always on her list of priorities.

A charming and positive minded girl, she is a Gemini through and through. Directors love working with her as they find her a combination of beauty, talent and enthusiasm.

Fun loving and social, Kajal, affectionately called Kaju, has many friends who depend on her for good advice.

Having a rational mind, she manages to multitask easily. Liking to be true to any character that she portrays in movies, Kajal goes the extra way in doing her homework well on the subject before commencing with the shooting.

Looking for that perfect love, Gemini is known to fall in and out of love, a few times before they decide on their lifelong partner. She has been linked with a few heroes, of which Prabhas Raju is one.

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2018 could be a great year, career-wise for Kajal. Along with her hard work; she may also get a chance to meet a benefactor who will help her climb further on the ladder of success. Kajal has two Kannada movies that will be released as 2018 draws to a close : Thathaasthu, in November and AK 97, in December 2018.

Mars transit to Aquarius in the last quarter of the year, will bestow her with financial gain and that could be the indication that both her films would do well at the box office. With good vibrations coming her way due to Mars transit to Pisces on the 26th of December, Kajal can look forward to a very rewarding start of 2019.

Astroyogi wishes Kajal a very happy birthday.


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