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Joseph Vijay - Astro Analysis of the Illayathalapathy

Joseph Vijay - Astro Analysis of the Illayathalapathy

The ‘Illayathalapathy’ (Young commander) of Kollywood, the darling of the (Tamil) masses, Joseph Vijay, better known as Vijay, is from a family of talented artists associated with Tamil Cinema. While his father, S.A. Chandrasekhar, is a film director, producer and writer of Tamil films, having also acted in some; his mother, Shoba is a Carnatic playback singer, director, writer and producer.

Vijay was introduced to the silver screen as a child artist and already had a solid foundation in acting before he made his acting debut as a lead actor when he turned 18. Vijay didn’t taste success for almost eight consecutive films that he did, but refused to give up. His breakthrough to stardom came in 1996 with his film, ‘Poove Unakkaga’, whence he did not look back. His movies have also earned him Tollywood recognition and to this superstar’s credit; his dance steps have even been copied by Junior NTR. Because of his popularity, some movies have even been dubbed in Hindi.

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Born on 22 June, Vijay is a sensitive Cancer. The ‘Crabs’ are gifted artists and Vijay’s creativity in his acting skills has taken him to such heights of stardom in Tollywood, that he is almost next to the Superstar, Rajinikanth(Thalaivar).

Cancers are passionate about whatever they do and Vijay is humble enough to admit that Thalaivar has always been his source of inspiration. Although, he cannot imagine himself ever being at par with his idol; Vijay works hard for every film of his. Being committed and professional, he is always punctual for all shoots. He religiously follows a diet plan and exercise according to what his role demands. Amazingly, Vijay is always willing to share any loss that his film may incur and so he is the distributors favourite actor.

A Cancer is always willing to go the extra mile for people they love and Vijay is no exception. It is heartening to see a superstar take out time for a photo session with his fans. He is one of the very few actors, who patiently poses with almost a thousand fans on one day of every month. Vijay is known for many of his philanthropic works.

A Cancer male is known to be close to their mother and Vijay shares his happiness and distress with Shoba. Cancers can be highly emotional and Vijay’s personality changed completely after he lost his baby sister, Vidhya, says Shoba. He has named half of his production house after her.

A complete family man, Vijay is very much involved with his children. He likes to spend the summer holidays with them and makes sure they are in touch with their maternal grandparents in London.

2018 begins with Mars transit to Scorpio and Cancers greatly benefit from it. Vijay’s fantastic performance in ‘Mersal’, that released late in 2017, becoming his careers highest-grossing film, for which he got accolades, starting from January 2018.

The last quarter of 2018 will beckon prosperity and Mars transits to Aquarius will promote the ‘Crab’ to remarkable heights in their career. The release of ‘Thalapathy 62’ , by 7 November 2018, may well carry Vijay to heights of stardom.

We, at Astroyogi, wish him a fantastic future ahead.


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