International Yoga Day: Benefits of Meditating in The Northeast Direction

International Yoga Day: Benefits of Meditating in The Northeast Direction

Newspapers are afloat with banners, ads and information about International Yoga day which is on June 21st. Yoga is not a new word for us. We are aware of the benefits of yoga but are we really aware of the meaning of the word yoga?  Vaastu, Feng-Shui and Nameology consultant- Dr. Rupa Batra discusses in depth the connection of yoga with our mind and soul. 

Yoga, if translated in Hindi, means addition and as mentioned in the Indian Vedas it has been associated with addition or connection of the mind, body and soul.

Yoga or the physical connection of the entire body with different parts of the body can bring us wonderful results if we have a true connection with our mind and soul too.

So how do we connect or develop yoga with our mind and soul?

We call ourselves human being. The word ‘human’ been derived from the word humus which means mud and the word 'being' meaning energy. Now we remember only the words human and the word being is often forgotten. This is the sub-conscious energy which is much more powerful than the conscious energy. Yoga really means having a true connection with our  conscious and subconscious energy. For instance, if we are too scared of water but wish to learn swimming at the same time, then no power living or dead has the energy to make us learn swimming except your latent or subconscious energy. But sadly, we lack that special connection to our conscious and subconscious mind. And we take months and years to overcome our fears or at times we just fade away with those fears! 

Yoga is a beautiful set of intricate and simple exercises to coordinate our mind, body and soul but the question that arise is how far, how easily and how well will we benefit from these wonderful exercises if we actually have no connection to our subconscious mind? Today, we have time so we will indulge in yoga and get the benefit out of it but tomorrow we may have plenty of reasons to skip our yoga session totally. Then we start to procrastinate with these yoga sessions as well, waking up to a day where we are totally demotivated to continue with even the simplest of exercises. So the whole point is that our physical body can benefit only if our mind is in coordination with our latent energy.

How do we develop that lost connection or yoga with our latent energy or our own self?

Talk to yourself atleast for 5 minutes daily right after waking up

Once we reach to that point of time, our mind will be like a blotting paper. It will absorb whatever energy we give to our mind. Reason being, for past 8 or 7 hours or for the time you have slept, we have neither spoken a word nor have we used our legs to walk, neither used our hands to work, or used our eyes to see. The only active organ throughout this time was our nose. So the energy is all stored and not depleted, this is why students and those who meditate get up early in the morning.

Talk to yourself, what is the kind of future you see for yourself? You will have important meetings almost daily, you will get up late at times but if you keep postponing your schedule to workout or indulge in a beautiful experience called yoga then how will you benefit out of it?

Sit facing the north east to attain maximum benefits

We can ensure that yoga is definitely going to help us doubly provided we make arrangements for sitting in northeast direction. We should face towards the northeast and not on our back. The whole point of facing towards this direction is that this direction receives maximum light energies in the house. 

Motivate yourself

We talk to friends, psychologists, doctors to let us know how efficient we are? Is it not funny? It is bizarre and funny too that we need others to let us know how efficient we are! Try and motivate yourself with words like;

Yes I can do it,

I have done this numerous of times,

I have accomplished so many goals in life.

Make this a habit and your subconscious mind will accept the directions obediently.

The whole point of this article is to let you know that we can enjoy the benefits of yoga only when we have a true connection with our mind and souls.

Enjoy your mental and physical workout. 

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