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How to find the best astrologers online, astroYogi explains

How to find the best astrologers online, astroYogi explains

Astrology is a profession which is not having much of a formal body or institution to ensure professional service delivered to people. Fraudsters disguising as astrologers to earn some quick money, is not an uncommon thing to be heard of. So how do we know if the astrologer we are consulting knows a thing or two?

There is a burgeoning number of astrologers who know nothing about the science and its complex calculation. Knowing a bit of it will also not help, says experts at astroyogi because, an astrologer needs to analyze the whole horoscope and synthesize all those factors affecting a person’s life to draw a picture about his future or destiny. If they only analyze certain aspects of the horoscope which predominantly affects the concerns of a client and disdain the effect of others, they would not be able to draw the right prediction. This is the reason why we have certain astrologers who have achieved celebrity status in this field. Certainly, if someone is able to predict your future with precision then that is a service which most of us would want to avail.

E-commerce has turned the tables. Now customers have an unprecedented advantage on the services they choose. In today’s market, you would not be able to deceive the customer with fake products and marketing gimmicks. Word of mouth publicity is what gives mileage to a product now. If a product is a real value addition for a customer then the business need not do much of marketing once it has reached the market, it is easy for customers to share their delight and gratitude for the product or service offered online. Most e-commerce portals appreciate such customer feed backs and often give rewards and bonuses to encourage such culture. Customers would even take it to the social media for sharing their user experience, but things could even backfire here. Even if customers forget to share their delight they would never miss out to trash a brand if they had a bad experience. There are a lot of options to take vengeance on such brands or service providers and often the product review section is where they unleash the fury.

Most customers do a pre-purchase research online nowadays. Customer reviews and remarks found online influence their decision making to a great extent. Every service provider who is concerned about the value addition and the service offering to the customer should have a customer review section because no matter how care full they select their product offering, the customer’s perspective is what really matters. This is exactly the reason why give importance to the customer review for each astrologer. A new customer searching among astrologist profiles for consultation can refer to the reviews and ratings people has given to the astrologer.   

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