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Himmatwala - First Super hit of 2013?

Himmatwala - First Super hit of 2013?

Life is a vicious circle and that’s kind of true with the director Sajid Khan’s forthcoming directorial venture ‘Himmatwala’ starring Ajay Devgn Bollywood’s ‘Jack of all Genres and Master of them all’, and Tamannaah Bhatia another southern siren. Many of us are aware of the fact that Sajid’s ‘Himmatwala’ is a remake of a film with the same name, 1983’s ‘Himmatwala’ directed by a southern director K. Raghavendra Rao with ‘Jumping Jack’ Jeetendra and ‘Hawa Hawai’ Sridevi in lead roles. But that ‘Himmatwala’ was itself a remake of a Telugu hit film ‘Ooriki Monagadu’ by the same director Rao and was released in 1981.

1983’s ‘Himmatwala’ was the 2nd best opening film of the year and was tagged a Super Hit film. Now the question here is will Sajid’s ‘Himmatwala’ be a fortune cookie for him? Sajid has already delivered some the highest earning comedy films viz. ‘Heyy Babyy’ (2007), ‘Housefull’ (2010), and ‘Housefull 2’ (2012). With ‘Himmatwala’, he is entering the Action genre and fans can expect slow-motion and paused-in-the-air action sequences. Sajid Khan has so far enjoyed a 100% success rate and Himmatwala is expected to do equally well at the box office.

In the recent years, Ajay Devgn has worked in films of various genres. And his plus point is that the audiences loved him, whether it was his comedies like ‘Golmaal’ franchise or ‘Son of Sardaar’, or full-of-action ‘Singham’ or Prakash Jha’s serious and sensible ‘Raajneeti’. His last action film was Rohit Shetty’s ‘Singham’, again a remake of a southern film Surya starrer ‘Singam’. The movie was a super hit. Ajay seems to recreate the magic of his stardom with Himmatwala too.

Tamannaah Bhatia made her Bollywood debut in ‘Chand Sa Roshan Chehra’ an easy-to-forget movie in 2005. But then in the southern industry she proved herself and became one of the most sought after actresses. She has a wonderful record as an actress in the south. She may be the key reason for the south audiences to come to theatres.

‘Himmatwala’ is expected to be a record breaker for everyone involved, be it the lead Actor, Director, Producer, or the Banner. The film will release on March 29, 2013 and with no big competition for the first weekend, ‘Himmatwala’ will have luck on its side. The numerological number for ‘Himmatwala’ is 3 and that is governed by the planet Jupiter. That lends financial luck to the film.

Numerological Number of Ajay Devgn is 1 and he is governed by the Sun making him original, motivating and brilliantly artistic. His luck with finances need not be discussed. He is an elite member of the 100-crore-club of Bollywood.

Sajid Khan’s numerological number is 5, associated with business. Tamannaah’s numerological number is 9. The number 9 makes a great combination with number 3, which proves lucky for this complete entertainment package ‘Himmatwala’.

With planets favouring all, ‘Himmatwala’ may be one of the top grossers of 2013. The wait shall be over on 29th Mar 2013 when the film will open to enormous box office success.


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