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Feng Shui for Office

Feng Shui for Office

Feng Shui for office and home space is essential for a happy and smooth sailing life. The whole concept of Feng Shui has been acknowledged in order to encourage better living, balance and equilibrium in one's life. You got it right!!! Feng Shui can bring about good 'Chi' or constructive energy into one's life, even in a recognized setting. It can help people create a better bond with one another in the allowed environment and make them get more out of their surroundings.

People spend a lot of time in their offices. In some cases, more time in the office than at home, in fact. The work surroundings have to be conserved in a positive way so that people will be able to deliver to the best of their abilities. By correcting the energy that surrounds you, you observe and understand what is happening in your work place, it can help you figure out how to handle work pressure and improve your relations with fellow workers as well. Without further ado let's talk about some Feng Shui practices that will help you get things right in the work place!

An Aquarium: It would be surely favorable for you to have an aquarium in the east, the northern part of the workspace or the southeast. The aquarium, in its superlative practice, would contain some obscure or blue fish. Red hat fish, Gold fish etc. are considered auspicious in Feng Shui.

Rocks and Rock crystals: Keep a big plant pot at home and in the soil of the pot, put some crystals and rocks as well. This is a symbol of wealth in Feng Shui and it can help harness your concentration and promote wealth and luck in life.

Fuk Luk Sau: These deities are delicately carved out by hand, and are made to look life like with artificial hair, almost resembling prized, collectible porcelain dolls. In this set of three, each guardian deity carries a symbolic gift. The first deity, Fuk comes carrying the Imperial Fan, and the Staff of Prosperity, symbolizing a family`s mutual love, affluence and happiness. The second deity, Luk, comes bearing a gold ingot and Ru Yi of authority- the sign of power and abundant wealth to ensure that a family will always have enough. The third star deity, Sau, is seen as carrying a Wu Lou with the Elixir of Immortality, and a Longevity Peach, bringing with it tidings of good health, longevity, and a life free from stress and impediments.

Citrine Bonsai Tree (White): This works for the overly sensitive Cancer. It can also help prevent bad dreams and help those suffering from joint pain. Amethyst is great for helping to still the mind. This tree would be really good placed by the side of your bed to help you have a good night sleep and return back to work feeling charged up. Challenges become easy to overcome with the beneficial influence of Citrine bonsai tree.

Laughing Buddha: The laughing Buddha symbolizes the ideals of good life, which are health, happiness, prosperity and longevity. Rubbing the stomach of the Buddha each day is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Electric Aroma: You can pour essential oils in it from the top, whose scent will travel through the room when the lamp is switched on. It is an amazing item for followers of aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine, which induces therapeutic affects in your environs by the means of simple, soothing, and enticing scents arising from natural sources.

Balanced Rocks: The best part about these crystals and rocks will be the fact that you can keep them hidden, so that nobody would see them and invoke any negative energy or feeling towards you. Also placing some bamboos along with the rocks will add good fortune and profitable opportunities.

Use Bamboo: Bamboo has always been a lucky symbol in Feng Shui for home and offices. You can bring some lucky bamboo into your office work space. It is best if the bamboo is kept right next to the computer, for this will enhance the peaceful energy of the office and reduce the negativity or the distraction that surrounds the computer.

The Dragon: The Dragon is believed to bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune, when placed in an office or home. Considered one of the most powerful Feng Shui symbols, they are used as guardians to protect.

A small Water Fountain: A water fountain at office and home brings hope, faith, new opportunities and optimism. It indicates pursuit of education with divine artistic matter. It brings expansion of growth and appreciation of past efforts. Place it anywhere in your workplace to dispel negative energy. The water should run in the fountain.

Balance Yin and Yang 'Fu Dogs': The benefits of these Fu Dogs are immense. When placed near the front door of your office cabin, they prevent people with bad intentions from causing damage to you and your family. When placed at your office or home door, they would ensure that bad feelings like envy do not adversely affect your career. They help maintain overall balance in your surroundings.


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