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Election 2019 - Astro Analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Election 2019 - Astro Analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, belonged to a OBC family from Gujarat. He can be classified as a person who has risen from a ‘nobody’, to occupy the most influential and responsible chair of the world’s largest democratic country. He managed this by the power of grit; working hard to earn this respect and authority.

It is Modi’s sheer caliber, which enabled a boy, who once sold tea at a small station of Gujarat, to today, sipping the same brew from the most expensive china, while sitting in ornate rooms with the world’s most powerful leaders, debating on important issues. While his educational qualifications is not something one can boast of; his interest, experience and dedication towards politics may hardly have any contenders amongst his contemporaries. And while he may not be able to speak fluent English on his own, his mannerism, assertiveness and oration skills in his national language, are enough to make the leaders of the world sit up and take notice.

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Born on 17 September, Narendra Modi is a Virgo. A perfectionist by nature, Modi likes punctuality, dependability and honesty. Since Virgo is ruled by the planet, Mercury, it bestows on its natives, organisational skills, cleverness, wit and intelligence. When well placed in the birth chart, it signifies a good position in career. It also blesses Modi with good communication skills.

The typical Virgo is workaholic and it is a well-known fact that Modi sleeps just for four hours and expects his officers to be alert in the morning by 5 AM to take his instructions for the day.

Virgo’s ode on cleanliness and Modi is fastidious about it, expecting people around him to be neat and tidy, too.

A Virgo is famed for going into the nitty-gritty of things. So is Modi. He expects his officers to read their dossiers before coming for meetings with him.

Virgo is diplomatic and Modi has perfected the skill of winning over people. It is why, he is the darling of the masses and also has good relations with the leaders of most of the countries.

2018 will be a year when the Virgo will travel and get lots of opportunities to interact with influential people. The stars encourage them to take advantage of these meetings. Modi started the year well by attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and has already been on several State visits to countries like, Palestine, UAE, Oman, Sweden, China, Nepal and there are many more due for the rest of the year.

As Mars transits to Capricorn in May, it will be a positive period for Virgo’s to enjoy recognition at their work place. Prime Minister Modi will be highlighting the achievements of his government on 26 May in a country wide ceremony, with a tagline,”48 months vs 48 years”.

When Jupiter transits to Scorpio in October, Virgo’s work will be much appreciated. The year ends on a very positive note for Mr Modi.

We, at Astroyogi, wish him success for his return to power in the next general election 2019.

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