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Earthy Malaika`s Astro Revelations

Earthy Malaika`s Astro Revelations

Malaika Arora has been getting sexier by the day. Who would believe she's a 40-year-old mom? What's the secret behind her sexy bod? astrologers analyze traits of her personality based on her zodiac sign.

She was born on August 23, 1973 and she belongs to the zodiac sign Virgo. Known to be detail oriented, Virgo women are very particular about maintaining a good routine and leading an orderly life. They like to point out what's wrong with something or someone rather than keep it to themselves. They want to improve things around and will never shy away from working extra hard to achieve their goals.

As a wife: If you expect her to be a sweet, tender wife, we have no choice but to shatter some of your illusions. Behind her facade lies a strong, independent woman who'll go down any path for that extra bit of happiness. If she wants something, she wants it badly. She doesn't want attention but she gets it because it's hard to take your eyes off her. Astrologically, Virgo wives are known for being adaptable. They are not like the fixed signs. They love their husbands, but if they find any flaws in the relationship and if it smacks of hypocrisy, she'll not think twice before walking away or declaring there's trouble in paradise. The only kind of love that will keep her loyal and faithful forever is true love and Virgoans do believe in pure, idealistic love. The Malaika-Arbaaz relationship may go through ups and downs as it's not easy to please a Virgo woman, try as hard as you may. But, if she finds him to be her one true love, she'll leave no stone unturned to ensure they lead a happy life together. Virgo comes with a promise of pure love and lucky is the man who finds himself married to this complicated but enchanting woman.

As a mom: Manners are important to the Virgo mother and she'll raise her kids to be respectful and kind. She's a perfectionist and when it comes to kids, she has no illusions about what she wants for their future. It will all be planned out meticulously and she'll guide them all through her life. One habit which will create tense situations at home is her constant nagging for just about anything. But, always remember that behind her sternness lies the heart of a woman who'll go to any lengths to keep her children safe and happy.

What's keeping this sexy Virgoan in such good shape?

Malaika practices Yoga religiously and follows a light diet full of green salads.

Malaika is not a traditional dieter; she claims to avoid red meat, fried foods and oily foods. Khan also avoids snacking. She neither smokes or drinks and maintains a very healthy lifestyle.

She is against dieting or starving. Malaika believes in eating right. She claims to eat three meals per day and burns off excess calories through exercise. Let's see what her diet looks like.

Malaika begins her mornings with a glass of warm water, mixed with honey and lime. She follows this up by drinking one litre of warm water.

Breakfast comprises one small bowl of seasonal fruit, Idli or poha or upma or porridge.

Around noon she drinks a glass of vegetable juice with amla, one egg white with two brown toasts.

For lunch she has brown or red Goa rice, 2-3 vegetables, Chicken or fish and one bowl of sprouts as salad.

Idli or poha or upma or one peanut butter sandwich is all she eats around 4 PM.

Dinner is always light - Green Soups or salad.

She snacks on healthy alternatives - oranges or carrots or any seasonal fruits or dry fruits like figs, almonds and apricots.


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