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Do You Have A Celebrity Birthday Twin?

Do You Have A Celebrity Birthday Twin?

This is time of the month for the Twins, Gemini (May 21st- June 21) the third sign on the zodiac. These individuals are fun and enthusiastic, they love to talk and they don’t just indulge in idle chatter because the driving force behind their conversation is their mind. They are often known to have multiple sides to their personality and because they are a mix of the yin and the yang, the Twins represent them perfectly.

We have listed some well-known Gemini celebrities from around the globe. Let’s see what their sun sign says about them maybe you could learn a thing or two about yourself if you are a Gemini too

Karan Johar- Birthday: May 25

Talk about Gemini’s having multiple personalities here you go. He says, ‘I am a Gemini and can adapt to most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini’. Karan Johar is funny, intellectually appealing and completely in control of his life and career. Just like any other Gemini, he is also known to be intellectually inclined and is forever probing people and places for his never ending quest for information.

Angelina Jolie- Birthday: June 4

Gemini individuals not only have multiple personalities but they can also multi-task. A classic example is Angelina Jolie, a true woman of substance who is an actress, a director, a homemaker and a humanitarian all wrapped up in one. Effortlessly articulate she has the world swooning over her by not only her gorgeous looks and talent but also for the difference she made for various humanitarian causes.

Sonam Kapoor-  Birthday: June 9

Born with a ‘Kapoor’ surname can give you the instant right to be a star in the Bollywood fraternity! And add some drop dead gorgeous looks, impressive styling and acting skills. Sonam Kapoor is all that and more. Gemini individuals are known to be hard workers and she did not have it easy to climb the ladder of success. Slow and steady but she did manage to leave her mark and catch the attention of the masses with some strong performances. She is a dreamer and a romantic at heart thriving on changes and loves to explore new ideas.

Sonakshi Sinha- Birthday: June 2

This beautiful Gemini has made quite a stint in Bollywood with her blockbuster debut and since then there has been no turning back. She has been part of many successful projects and her performances have been widely appreciated. Now she has been firmly established as a favorite. Her constant dedication and discipline has paved her way to success. True to her Gemini nature, she is open minded and has an easy going nature. She is adaptable to any changing environment and enjoys each moment as it comes. With all the hard work, she still knows how to have some fun.

Johnny Depp- Birthday: June 9

Although he is known all over the world as an incredible actor for his portrayal of unusual characters (remember Jack Sparrow, the male protagonist of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean). This Gemini is also a musician and has been a part of numerous musical projects including The Pogues, Oasis and his own band P. Well, this is true in keeping with the dualistic nature of Gemini. These individuals can adjust to significant life changes much easily than any other sun sign.

Natalie Portman- Birthday: June 9

She won an Oscar for her memorable performance in the movie, ‘Black Swan’. But did you know she is also a graduate from the prestigious Harvard University. All the brainy, high minded qualities of a typical Gemini. They are always curious about what goes around and can be fascinated by almost anything both highbrow and mundane. Coming to the many sides of their personality, their mind can sometimes be hard to decipher. Like she says, ‘I am a Gemini so I change my mind every day.’

So here were some of the popular celebrities and their zodiac sign Gemini. They maybe all famous but one thing each one of them has in common is hard work. Maybe you could pick some strong qualities these celebrities and implement them in your life as well.   


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