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Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

The Commonwealth Games is matchless, friendly, world class, multi-sports games, held once every four years featuring some of the finest sportsmen and athletes of the planet. Nearly 53 Commonwealth countries and 71 Commonwealth Games Associations can send a team to the games. India is hosting the 2010 edition of the Commonwealth Games. It is the first instance when the country is hosting the games, and only the second time the mega event has been organized in Asia. Kuala Lumpur had organized it first in 1998.

The Delhi Commonwealth Games will be held between October 3 and October 14. Initially, the preparedness and the cleanliness of the Games Village developed for the participating athletes and officials attracted much criticism from several quarters, and the image of India received a blow even while some nations threatened of a pull out. Some involved nations even said that India lacked the resources and the sports culture to pull off the mega sporting event like China, which successfully organized the Beijing Olympics sometime back and impressed the globe with its world class sporting facilities and infrastructure.

However, as the recent developments show India has once again proved, though belatedly, that it has what it takes to organize a mega sporting event. Although initially there may have been certain avoidable issues, now things seem to have started falling in place, and the nation looks poised to witness a somewhat successful games. Fast changing planetary positions appear to have done the trick for India and turned the tide in its favour to a certain extent.

Luck would continue to fairly smile on the organizers of the much talked about event in the coming days, and we would witness almost trouble-free games. Lack of adverse or challenging planetary influences and the malefic effects of the Sun would lead to much camaraderie and interesting interactions among the participants and the visitors from across the Commonwealth of Nations. India’s sporting infrastructure and expertise in the field of hosting such a mammoth event would also attract the world media, though some quarters would continue to be acidic in their observations.

On the flip side, the Indian participants may not pocket the expected number of medals in the games, and for this they may have to even suffer public ignominy sometime between October 15 and November 15. Certain local elements may also continue to harm the image of the games organizers and the country in one way or the other. However, the positive news is that by the time the unfavorable period starts for India, i.e., October 15, the Commonwealth Games would have already been concluded.

Overall, stars seem to be in the favour of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010, certain minor glitches notwithstanding.


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