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Birthstone Benefits for the August Born

Birthstone Benefits for the August Born

There are 12 different birthstones each representing the 12 months of the year. Many believe that these birthstones are just mere symbols but for the others, they bring good luck and charm especially for the one who is wearing it.

Leo is the fifth astrological sign on the zodiac wheel, those who are born between July 23 and Aug 23 fall under this sign. Leo is known to be a very energetic sign ruled by the sun and fire as its element. Peridot is known to be the principal birthstone for Leo as the sun rules over this particular stone as well. Through its specific color, structure, feature and other inherent characteristics it can have a positive impact on the wearer. It can affect the many aspects of the wearer’s life and helps to maintain a fine balance in life.

The beautiful green color of the Peridot stone may range from pale green to bottle green to dark green.

How to wear Peridot- Many a time this stone is also worn as a substitute for emerald. Peridot can be worn on the ring finger or little finger of the right hand in any metal but it would be best to seek advice from an expert astrologer before proceeding.

Effects of wearing Peridot- For the wearer, the golden green soft glow is believed to act as wisdom light. Leo individuals are known to be a little aggressive by nature; this birthstone helps maintain a cool head and helps you to think with a rational mind. Leo’s are known to be born leaders just like the Lion and so the Peridot also helps to keep you motivated and determined to bring about a change and take the lead for every action. It helps you to prosper in career, relationship and money as well. This stone enhances the already present protective and nurturing instinct of a Leo. It helps you remain faithful and loyal to the people around you.

Healing properties: Peridot helps curb the inherent health problems in a Leo. The most common ones being: breathing problem like asthma, sinus, and diseases related to the digestive system, thyroid and liver. Apart from this, it is also known to ease out any signs of depression, jealousy or nervousness as well.

This birthstone also helps to resolve any issues related to marriage and it is believed that a spinster’s love life makes good progress in no time after wearing this birthstone.

In general, it is recommended that any birthstone should be changed right after it becomes inactive. 

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