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Astrology and The Modern Lifestyle

Astrology and The Modern Lifestyle

People were very different if we go a couple of generations back. There has been a tremendous change in our value systems and outlooks. Our elders were more of the God-fearing type and liked to carefully plan their future. Major life decisions were taken after consultation with the elders. Most of the elders themselves relied on the family ‘Pandits’ or the astrologers to guide them. Their spoken word would become the ‘law’-to be followed without any sort of protest. Most of the astrologers were learned and experienced scholars, so things worked well for almost all.

Many relied so heavily on astrologers that they would even step out of the house, based on the time their gurus suggested.

Needless to say, decisions like marriage, career, jobs, and travel were all taken, based on what the horoscope would suggest.

With the Western influence creeping into our system, families becoming nuclear and the fast paced life of most youngsters, astrology took a step back. Decisions were made without any consultation, randomly and defiantly.

The result is there for all to see. Career dissatisfaction, breakup of marriages, increased health problems, depressions etc are all rampant these days. The West has begun to realize the strength of Vedic astrology and is understanding the science behind it. Most of them are adopting the Vedic style of living and those who have embraced it, are experiencing more peace of mind. People are reverting back to astrology for guidance in almost every field like career, marriage, counseling, health related problems, property, children and even while buying vehicles etc.

Since most people now have started moving out of families to live independently, they are looking for guidance from some source who understands their personality, capabilities, nature, shortcomings and can guide them wisely through various aspects of life.

This is where an expert Vedic astrologer steps in. Since there is paucity for time in this ‘rushed’ world, the perfect answer to this is consulting an astrologer online. The advantage of this mode of consultation is that the native need not be face to face with him and if he is shy to question a known astrologer about intimate details, this mode of communication becomes best. The astrologer will have the native’s full details when he is given the correct date and place of birth and time. He will be able to guide the native well by reading his horoscope.

Consult our expert Vedic Astrologers, who are online now!

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At this juncture, it is important to remember to consult an authentic Vedic astrologer who knows how to correctly read the alignment of stars and planets in the various houses of native’s horoscope. This is a science that needs mastery. When one looks for a direction/solution in any life sphere, a generalized prediction does not work since every individual is affected differently by the various permutation and combination of the astronomical bodies.

Traditionally Yours,



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