Happy Birthday Akshay Kumar - Astro Analysis of the Khiladi

The stud, who started out as a light boy on a photo shoot, is today, one of the highest paid actors of Bollywood.

Born on 9th September, Akshay is a Virgo. A Virgo is a perfectionist and keeps searching for self-improvement. If there is a man who leads a disciplined life in Bollywood, it is Akshay Kumar. This fitness freak does not compromise on his exercise regime, ever.

Blessed with a bundle of energy, both physically and mentally, Akshay Kumar(Real name Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia), is one of the fittest and hottest dads in Bollywood.

Being an Earth Sign, Akshay is grounded and practical about maintaining his family commitments. He is one of the rare actors who maintains a perfect balance between work and family. Although he had quite a few affairs during his hay days, he learnt the importance of loyalty early in his married life.

Virgo makes a perfect partner as he enjoys taking responsibility for the children too. Akshay admits that he takes delight in picking up his children from school and playing with them.

2018 has been kind to a Virgo’s career and Akshay was blessed with prosperous opportunities from the start of the year. Akshay has lately started voicing basic necessities of life through the medium of his films. After the success of Toilet:Ek Prem Katha, released in 2017, Akshay welcomed the New Year with the release of his film, Padman, a movie with a much needed social message.

The Virgo trait of being precise, exact, and critical about how such a sensitive and taboo topic should be presented before an Indian audience who expect only entertainment from Akshay, won him applause worldwide. His wife, Twinkle, supported him all through this delicate project. In January, Mars transit to Scorpio, ensured that Akshay’s career reached new heights with her help.

With Saturn’s retrograde in April, Virgo’s faced some challenges on their work related front and the National Award winning actor was threatened harm by some citizens, when he decided to auction the ‘uniform’(costume) he had donned in his film, Rustom. Virgo’s always exhibit a sense of duty towards the community and Akshay wanted to support the cause of animal rescue and welfare, with the proceeds of the auction.

At the start of August, Venus transit to Virgo, created a decline in the hardworking and efficient Virgo’s luck. And so, although Akshay Kumar, being a typical Virgo, paid attention to the minutest details in the historical sports-drama, Gold, released on India’s Independence Day, the box office rating didn't do justice to the effort he put in.

Mars transit to Aquarius in the beginning of November could bring luck for the Virgo as they end the year on a happy note. Akshay will mark his debut in the South Industry, when his fans watch him in action alongside the Southern superstar, Rajinikanth, in the magnum opus, ’2.0’.

We, at Astroyogi, wish Akshay Kumar a very happy birthday and hope the high octane action sequenced film, ’2.0’, brings the ‘Khiladi’ his due, this year.

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