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2014 Chinese New Year Forecast

2014 Chinese New Year Forecast

The Chinese Zodiac Calendar's Year of the Horse or the Chinese New Year begins on January 31st. The Chinese New Year will be celebrated in Asia and worldwide to mark the beginning of preparations for a new growing season. Parades, mouth-watering food, dragon dances, colourful costumes during the parade, and family and social gatherings are the highlights of this festival. Astrologically, the wood Horse energy of the year 2014 is predicted to be a beneficial period for those born in Horse years (1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, and 2014) and they will get many opportunities to move forward in life during this energized period. Patience will pay off and you will be richly rewarded for your tolerance and drive to get things done, say astrologers at

Predictions for the New Year based on your Animal Sign:

Horse - The energy of the Wood element is considered to be the most favourable for you, Horse. You are in your element and can look forward to a year when lady luck will stay by your side.  Don't be complacent when good things become the order of the day. Risks you take may not always prove to be right for you. Your confidence levels will be sky high and even though it's great for your career, don't jump into projects or switch jobs when there's uncertainty involved.

Dog - The theme of the year for you should be self-reliance! You make big plans and set difficult goals for the future and there's no better time than this fortunate year to strike it big. You demonstrate excellent skills that help you rise up the ladder of success. Love will sweep you off your feet and it's the passionate kind, so you have much to look forward to this year.

Dragon - A fun filled year awaits you! You are prepared to discover yourself and chart your own destiny. Focus may not be your strength this year and you will find yourself drifting from one project to another or even from one social event to another. You stay busy all through the year, but in a good way. Opportunities you get will help you realize your true potential.

Tiger - You have spent a lot of your time in planning for the future. Your plans will meet with success after all the time you have spent waiting for good times to greet you.  You experience what it's like to have luck by your side, which is not always the case. You have been struggling harder than others but you get a break from the difficulties you usually face. The Horse year proves to be a blessing for you.

Sheep/Goat - You are finally ready to give your sullen self a break and embrace the lighter side of your life. Things have been bewildering, trying at times but you are not the kind to shy away from challenges. You rise up to any challenge that life throws your way. You are more than ready to give direction to your life and take what rightly belongs to you.

Rabbit - This is a great year to believe in who you are and not fear loneliness. By walking alone you are able to remove obstacles from your path that have been holding you back from achieving your goals. You are no ordinary Joe and you have always known you are above petty gains and were born to do something meaningful. This year, if you launch something of your own you are sure to be successful.

Rat - This may prove to be a highly challenging year for you and you need to look out for surprises that are unpleasant in nature. The need to remain strong will be felt highly this Horse Year. 2014 begs you to be more flexible in your approach and not hold on to grudges. Adapt with the situation and if you need to walk away from something, do so but don't indulge in any obsessive behaviour. Spend your money wisely and don't rush in matters of the heart. Take your time and think things through.

Pig - You will enjoy your life with close friends and family this year but don't let merriment distract you from what you set out to do on the career front. Things may go out of control at times, but by using your head you are able to come up with solutions. You will be working hard and short cuts will not appeal to you this year.

Monkey - This may not be the best year of your life but opportunities will be present for those who are careful and make intelligent choices. The ride will not be an easy one but you will nevertheless enjoy it. Change will happen in the direction you want. Don't expect too much from the love of your life as these illusions may cause heartbreak. Staying real will bring happiness and a pleasant year ahead.

Ox - This is a good year to make plans for the future rather than execute your far-fetched ambitions. Develop a strategy that works for you and don't jump into anything you are not too sure of. Focus on things that bring you happiness today and don't complain about what you don't have. Spend some time alone to figure out what is it that you really wish to achieve.

Rooster - The energy of the Wood Horse may not necessarily bring you great times ahead, but you will navigate through difficult times by putting your mind to work. Your hard work always pays off in the end, doesn't it?  This is not the year to take huge risks or experiment too much. Stick to what you know and you will gain from it.

Snake - You are not keen on living life on uncertain terms. You like to lead a stable and uncomplicated life and in 2014 you will gain by staying cautious. On the career front, some risks will give you that much needed push in the right direction. Always playing it safe may not be the right way to go about in this Wood Horse year.


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